How AI is Fast Becoming the Event Production Planner of Choice


Event production on behalf of your business has always been like starting a small war. You need cameras, lighting, sound, industry speakers, and everything from a crew of technicians to a catering truck for their lunch breaks. But event planning and production is reaching new heights and new boundaries, or so claims a new report by the marketing industry magazine, Skift Meetings.

This past November, OpenAI initiated free public access to ChatGPT. Less than a single week later, it had amassed over 1 million users. SkiftMeetings now sees the potential for ChatGPT to compete with the likes of Google. From an education perspective, it could also end the need for take-home exams or even homework.  

Twitter has exploded with the hashtag #GPT for users who are sharing the results of their encounter with the AI. Skift did their own tests and came up with some interesting results. 

AI or artificial intelligence is not necessarily a new tool. Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri uses AI for speech recognition and for offering results to spoken queries. A variety of other AI platforms are available like Playground, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney. But ChatGPT’s easy-to-use interface and seemingly limitless boundaries is already proving to be a success right out of the gate. 

Enter the Marketing Game

Says Skift, when it comes to production planning of events and meetings, advertisers and marketers have been utilizing several AI platforms for a number of years now. Matchmaking is said to be the most popular use. But AI is now being used for translation, data analytics, and content recommendation.  

Some predict DIY AI will become a significant game changer. It’s for that reason, Skift put ChatGPT to the test. They went to the ChatGPT page on their OpenAI website created an account and signed on. 

They asked ChatGPT to write a blog post about AI being utilized in producing a marketing event or conference. Here is just a portion of the blog the AI instantly came up with. 

“Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize the way conferences are marketed and produced. By leveraging AI technology, conference organizers can gain valuable insights into their target audience, optimize their marketing efforts, and streamline production.”

Of course, what you get is a sort of dry text that’s devoid of any human style and engagement. But according to Skift anyway, the result is impressive. 

AI’s Definition

Considered a set of technologies that are said to improve the performance of basic tasks, AI possesses the ability to discover patterns, search for data, translate languages, make predictions, and answer questions. Its abilities include natural language processing, machine learning, speech, image, and text recognition. When combined, these technologies are powerful since they will enable computers to utilize massive data sets to complete tasks far faster and more accurately than their human creators. 

Conferencing Using AI

Is ChatGPT capable of planning a business event? Skift’s goal was to get the AI to create a concept for the business event, which it did. The concept the AI came up with was said to be solid if not simple since it identified all the usual selling points that conferences normally use. In other words, it regurgitated information that already existed.  

Skift went a step further by asking the AI is it could assist with ideas for the event’s commercial possibilities. It could not. But it did offer suggestions on how to drum up interest with potential attendees to the conference. It also gave an estimate of the potential market that might exist for such a conference. The advice was said to be good, but not earth shattering. 

Sourcing Events Using AI

Now that a solid concept for a producing a conference was in place, Skift inquired with the AI about a list of industry speakers. It was able to do so, offering a specific list of speakers who would, conceptually, be relevant to the conference. But (and this is a big but), the information was said to be unreliable.  

States Skift, a second attempt at the same question produced a list that was complete junk. ChatGPT even offered an error message that stated the data it was offering came from 2021, which explained at least some of the problem. For more reliable and up-to-date information, Google would have been a better source for seeking out speakers. Discover more about ChatGPT’s capabilities by visiting Aidownloadhub.com.

But sourcing out sponsors using the AI proved a worthy effort, with ten tech companies coming up in the search results. The AI was speedier at this than Google which means, AI can potentially save time which translates into saving money.  

When queried about destinations, the AI offered up the usual big cities which in itself was no surprise. It rationalized cities like New York and Los Angeles for their excellent infrastructure and technology. 

But in time to come, AI might be better at matching specific venues for specific events. This is in itself is thought to be a game changer when it comes to production planning for marketing events.

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