4 Great Ways to Market your Small Business

Image by Coffee Bean from Pixabay

If you have recently started your own small business, you will no doubt always be looking for new ways to market your products and services. Thanks to the power of the internet, it’s easier nowadays than ever before to let people know what you are doing, create a strong customer base, and focus on marketing to your target demographic. It’s not just social media that can prove useful either – there are many other creative ways to promote your business, both locally and online. Here are 4 great ways to market your small business.  

Start a VIP Facebook group

Although your Facebook business page is a great way to let your followers know what you are doing, and give them advance information about new products, how much they see will depend on their page settings. Facebook regularly changes their algorithms too, so although you may have 10,000  followers, only a small percentage of those may see what you post.

By creating a VIP Facebook group, you have a better chance of your followers seeing your posts, and it also provides a great way to get to know and build a good rapport with your customers. Many businesses also offer special discounts to VIP group members and use it as a means to get feedback and ideas. Setting up a group is pretty simple, so if you are looking for new ideas, it is certainly a cheap and easy option to try.

You can also create a Facebook group and personalize it to humanize your small business. However, if you are not comfortable being the face of the facebook group then you could consider using an ai headshot generator instead. A facebook group is designed to not only be a powerful marketing opportunity but also a chance to be more personal. It gives customers and clients a different feel to your business, and can prove very successful.

Sponsor or advertise with a local team

Local marketing can be very beneficial, so don’t lose sight of that when putting together future marketing strategies. Local sponsorship works particularly well if you sell services rather than products, so if you fall into that category, it’s a good idea to find out what local clubs there are in your area.

Perhaps there is a local kid’s football team that, for a small sponsorship fee, would be interested in advertising your company on their team strip. Maybe the local tennis club would be happy to let you display promotional banners or advertise in programs at their next big tournament. Local trade can prove extremely fruitful, so it is worth looking into options like a football breakaway banner that might be available. 

Create powerful video content

When marketing any product or service, your content must be planned out and well-considered. One area which can be highly effective and could make you stand out from your competition is the use of video content. Video not only allows your customers to get to know you better and build trust but is also far more attention-grabbing than text or a few photos on a screen.

According to Zip In Media Productions LLC, a Miami based video production company – “video is one of the few types of content that can be shared across multiple forms of media without any punishment in search engines and – if the video itself is marketed well – can catapult to the top of the Google search results.” So, whether you are looking to put together content for your latest YouTube campaign or a promotional video for the launch of your latest product, never underestimate the power of video content marketing. 

Host a social media competition

People love winning things, and they also love the idea of getting something for free, so hosting a competition can be a great way to boost engagement and create a buzz around your business. One of the first things you should do is make sure that you adhere to the guidelines of the social media platform you intend to use. Instagram, Facebook, etc., all have different rules and restrictions, so you must familiarise yourself with these before you start.

There has to be a prize up for grabs, so make it something that will lure new people and make your current followers eager to win. Offering one of your products for free is more likely to generate interest than the likes of a discount or a free gift with their next order so choose the prize wisely.

Once you know what you intend offering, make it clear what you expect your followers to do. It could be that they need to tag five people or share your post on their page. If you want to create an element of fun and interaction, you could run a caption competition or ask them to send photos of them using your products. Whatever you decide, make it engaging and exciting, and it could lead to many more followers and a host of new sales.

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