Truth about gastric sleeve abroad finally revealed

Gastric bypass abroad – is a hot topic, especially when it comes to gastric bypass in Europe. However, a majority of articles come from clinics and medical specialists. Which is all very lovely, but we all know that what sells most is the word of mouth. Let’s look at some reviews from Weight Loss Riga, one of the most popular bariatric clinics in the Baltics, and see what the patients have to say about it all.

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So, why did they leave the UK?

Gastric bypass, a much life-changing operation, is not cheap. Many people in the UK simply cannot afford it in UK, and so they start looking and researching opportunities abroad – and they find it.

The Czech Republic, Poland, and Latvia are the top European countries that offer bariatric surgeries at a much more affordable price – while maintaining and even rising the quality. For example – gastric bypass in Latvia – may cost around five thousand pounds. That is half of the sum it often takes in UK.

Add to that much shorter waiting lines, excellent customer service, and small, private clinics with neatly choreographed service, and it’s no wonder, really. Gastric bypass surgery in Europe – is too often the better option.

Where did they go?

“I contacted numerous clinics, and the one person that took a really proactive approach was Mim Dickens, the UK coordinator for Weight Loss Riga. From the outset, she contacted me personally and answered all my zillions of questions,” Ann from Kent writes.

So, that is Riga, the capital of Latvia, and the hub of bariatric surgery in Europe. Health tourism plays a big role in Latvia, and both personal and efficient service plays a grand role. Andrea from Northern Ireland vouches for it: „From start to finish, I had the most laid back trip ever.“

Gastric bypass abroad can be scary, but much less so with professional care.

What happened? How was it?

Ex-patients share many positive words about the entire process in Latvia. Gastric bypass has lifted so many people out of their struggle and misery.

“Within 2 weeks of my inquiry, I was in Latvia in a private hospital having my surgery and was treated like royalty and so well looked after the whole time,” says Emma from Cheshire, and Laura from Wales adds:  “The hospital is out of this world; it was spotless and comfy. My partner came with me and stayed in the hospital with me, and he was really well looked after.”

Should you go, too?

Should you consider gastric bypass abroad?

“…one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life,” says Kylie.

Ann from Kent adds: “I would highly recommend anyone looking for a truly professional and caring service to look no further than Dr. Troickis and his wonderful team at Weight Loss Riga.”

And let us finish off with Padraig’s words from Ireland: “After 11 weeks and an overall weight loss so far of 28 kgs, I can only recommend the whole process from start to finish. I look at the money spent as an investment in myself and my health!”

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