5 Steps to Starting and Growing Your Staffing Agency in 2022

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It is easy to lose sight of the expansion of your own staffing agency when you are preoccupied with the expansion of other companies through the provision of talent to them. If you want your company to be successful, you need to grow. This is true whether your company specializes in temporary or permanent staffing solutions.

In this article, you’ll find the steps you need to take to kick things off on a positive note and grow in the months to come.

Get the basics right

Selecting the ideal market niche to concentrate on is the first step in creating a staffing agency. If you have any experience in a particular sector, you can find people and jobs by using your connections.

Look through some job boards to see if you can see any trends, occupations, or sectors that seem to need common things, such as the increased demand for retail workers around the holiday season.

Take into account the industry’s supply and demand cycles. Also, make sure you have the right permits to operate your staffing agency in your area. Get in touch with your local authorities and inquire do you need a license to start a staffing agency. What types of licenses and permits do you need?

To sum up, do your due diligence first and then move on to more sophisticated business processes. Remember, you have to be compliant if you want to succeed.

Engage in field marketing


Everything about field marketing is as it sounds. This type of marketing is experiential and includes on-site promotions like street marketing, merchandise, sampling, product demonstrations, and direct sales.

Multi-touchpoint field marketing often includes events like meetings, trade exhibitions, and conferences. Field marketing now includes interactive digital touchpoints like virtual events as more businesses have migrated to remote working over the past two years.

There are a lot of field marketing forms, like roadshows, events, sampling, merchandising, and more. To get a complete grasp of this marketing type, check out Hoppier’s content piece on this topic.

Have a rock-solid team around you

The foundation of any staffing business is finding top prospects for your clients. However, this doesn’t mean you should exhaust all of your resources in search of fresh applicants.

Did you know that the most common source of recommendations for new candidates, according to the most recent data, is your current and previous candidate base? So, you can just request network referrals from your hired candidates.

By doing this, you can find excellent candidates for your clients very fast. Additionally, you may be sure that they’ll be solid because they’re highly recommended by people you’ve already hired.

Your placed applicants are aware of the competency requirements for joining your staffing agency’s roster. So, they are able to decide fast whether or not their recommendation is the right choice.

Cash flow

Image by Lukas Bieri from Pixabay

One of the most typical errors that freshly founded staffing businesses make is that they don’t have a solid grasp of cash flow. Employees at staffing agencies must be paid on a weekly, bimonthly, or monthly basis, depending on the arrangement.

On the other hand, your customers are obligated to make payments to you once every month or once every two months. Any pause in this process has the potential to create major problems for everyone involved.

It is imperative that you effectively handle the situation in order to prevent cash flow issues, missed payrolls, and tax liabilities. If you fail to do this, the impact on your company will be significant.

By forming a legal entity for your company, you can shield yourself from any personal responsibility in the event that your company is taken to court. This has a direct influence on a number of aspects of your business operations, such as the name of your company, taxes, responsibility, and so on.

Having said that, one more essential consideration to keep in mind is the significance of selecting an appropriate name for your company.

Choose carefully and prudently, as the name you give your company will have a significant impact on its overall success. This is what will stick out in people’s minds. Their choice may be influenced by the fact that the name isn’t memorable.

Moreover, make sure that the name you’ve picked hasn’t already been trademarked or isn’t being used by anybody else. After that, you will be able to register your company name as well as a domain name.

The next step is to make sure that you have obtained all of the necessary licenses and permits for operating your firm.

As we have already said, the rules and regulations have to be respected, but they might be somewhat different from one country or state to another. So, your best bet is to carry out your research thoroughly and investigate anything that relates to your company.

Final words

There is no 100% bulletproof piece of advice that will help you advance to the next level with your staffing agency. Instead, you should work to better your relationships with your candidates and clients.

Make use of the advice listed above to help you get started on the path that will lead you to operate the staffing agency that has a high success potential.

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