Five Techniques to Name Your Brand

What’s in a name? Well, when it comes to your brand, the name can be a huge factor in whether your brand succeeds or fails. The brand name is an essential component of any solid marketing campaign and brings recognition to your product. However, don’t let the weight of that responsibility crush your creativity when it comes to developing your brand name. There are several techniques you can use to come up with a great name.

Use a Founder’s Name

Utilizing the founder’s name is a well-known strategy for creating brand name ideas. After all, some of the most famous brands out there, such as Walt Disney, utilize their founder’s name. If you have a unique first or last name, this technique can make a name pop. However, the disadvantage of using this technique is that if you do have a common name, such as Smith or Jones, your brand name isn’t going to stand out.

Use a Descriptive Name

If you want people to know what your brand is just by reading the name, utilize a descriptive name. Namify offers a brand name generator that allows you to insert descriptive keywords into a search field and receive a list of brand name ideas. Beware that sometimes these types of brand names can become synonymous with the product itself, like Kleenex, and may fall prey to becoming a generic name for the product.

Use a Fun Name

What’s in a fun name? Two great ways to get a fun name are to use alliteration or rhyming. Many of the results you receive from Namify’s brand name generator utilize these techniques to create catchy names. To be catchy, a name usually rhymes or rolls off the tongue by using alliteration. Beware of utilizing names that call upon current and possibly fleeting trends in social media or pop culture. You want your brand name to be relevant for years to come. Referencing a current social media fad may mean that your brand trends well now, but quickly becomes lost in translation.

Use a Mascot Name

If your brand’s logo utilizes a fictional character, you may name your brand based on the character. Think of how many people only know sports teams by their mascot or how quickly we think of great meals when we hear the name, Betty Crocker. Especially if your character is easily recognized or is somehow related to your product, this technique can be highly effective. Also, mascots are great to use in marketing campaigns as your brand can become synonymous with a picture of the character and you don’t need to always use words; this makes them particularly effective if you want to add custom vinyl stickers to your marketing arsenal.

Use a Derivative

If you’re concerned about being unique, take a known word and make it into your own. Presto, you have a brand name that doesn’t match any other. This naming technique is popular as it allows people to utilize their creativity and match a brand new word with their brand new brand. Namify will produce derivatives in the brand name generator results. You can use that on the individually die-cut stickers as well.

When naming your brand, don’t limit yourself to any one technique. Try each one and then compare the results. Depending on your product, one technique may make more sense to use than another. Still, come up with as many ideas as you can by utilizing any tools you have. Be sure to consider any downfalls to the name such as the ones described above. Think about how the name sounds now and how it will sound far into the future. You may be surprised at which name you settle on and you’ll be glad that you took your time to utilize as many methods as possible.

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