How to Maintain and Protect your Audi

Photo by lalesh aldarwish from Pexels

If you’re going to invest in a luxury vehicle from a reputable manufacturer like Audi, then it’s worth putting in the effort to keep it in the best possible condition. In doing so, you’ll not only keep the driving experience pleasant, you’ll also help to stave off depreciation and get a good price when you finally come to sell.

Let’s take a look at a few tips for looking after your Audi.

Get Tailored Servicing

Audis are specialised vehicles with plenty of specialised components allowing them to function as they do. This means that, while any mechanic will be able to take a look at the basics, it’ll take a specialised Audi engineer to properly diagnose certain problems, and to give your vehicle the complete servicing that it deserves.

Use only Recommended Parts

You might be tempted to use third-party parts for a range of reasons. Perhaps you’re looking to save money; perhaps you’re looking for a performance boost that comes from going aftermarket. Unfortunately, doing so may void your warranty, as Audi can’t be entirely sure that non-recommended parts won’t interfere with the rest of the vehicle’s functionality.

Stay on top of Maintenance

At least annually, you’ll want to give your car a full MOT and service. But that doesn’t mean that you can leave all of the work to your mechanic. Keep an eye on your oil levels, and keep them topped up. Make sure that your tyres are properly inflated at monthly intervals. If you can make the investment in pressure-checking hardware yourself, then so much the better.

Clean the Interior

Breaking out the vacuum cleaner and giving the interior of your car the occasional once-over will help you to eliminate all of the crumbs and dirt that might accumulate in the seats. This applies especially if you’re stopping regularly for coffee or fast food. Getting your car professionally cleaned by a valet service every once in a while might help to restore it to immaculate condition – but really, it’s the more mundane, regular cleaning that will make the biggest difference.

If you are transporting your dog in the back of the car, then you might look to invest in a boot-liner. These are designed such that they will fit your vehicle perfectly.

Drive Sensibly

Audis tend to be powerful and large vehicles – but that’s no reason to throw your weight around. Driving recklessly will naturally increase your risk of suffering from nicks and scrapes (or worse). But even going a few miles an hour faster than you otherwise might will increase strain on the engine, and in turn on the brakes, which will cause the car to deteriorate more quickly, and necessitate more money being spend on repairs and replacements.

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