How to Turn Facebook Fans into Buying Customers

Photo by Anderson Guerra from Pexels

A lot of people (and marketers in particular) harp about the significance of social media, and how much of a role it has in the marketing strategy of so many businesses and brands. After all, you can utilize it to advertise companies, brands, and products on massive platforms such as Facebook very successfully, when done properly. In so doing, an excessive amount of time and resources are being used to generate likes and shares on Facebook, for example, and gather a substantial audience that does not necessarily translate into more revenue.

Go ahead; open your account, and scroll through your Facebook feed. You’ll probably observe that it’s the photos and the questions that get the most attention. However, the challenge for a lot of business owners like you is how to take that traction and turn it into actual hot leads or sales.

Consider Facebook as one foot in the door of a possible sale, with the eventual goal of taking your fans outside of Facebook and straight to your websites or online store (or, in some cases, to complete the purchase in other platforms or marketplaces, like Click2sell.co, for example). However, first, you have to identify potential leads and establish a certain amount of trust between your business and them. This is where you can use Facebook marketing to your advantage. By buying views on FB, you can strategically boost the visibility of your posts, increase brand exposure, and attract more organic engagement from interested users.     

In this article, we’ll discuss four ways to turn Facebook fans into buying customers:

1. Post on a consistent basis

One crucial piece of the Facebook puzzle is to post relevant content regularly. When fans see your page being left without any new content for days, or even worse – weeks, it may give them the notion that you are not entirely committed to this particular endeavor, and it might also damage your business’ reputation. By keeping your fans updated and engaged, you can stay ahead of your competitors and be prepared to take the next step in your marketing funnel.      

2. Give your fans worthwhile content that they can share

Most of the time, people are on Facebook for fun and not to hear sales pitches. This is the reason why the very first thing you should consider giving to your page’s fans is fresh and original engaging content. This means you should provide them first-rate photos, ask them thought-provoking questions, and provide valuable content with clear calls to action and chances to interact with your business or brand.

3. Convert your fans into leads

The moment you are done with increasing engagement; the next step would be sharing content that encourages fans to pay a visit to a website or landing page outside of Facebook. Taking them out of Facebook may require a little bit of faith on their part. So, to better appease them, you can invite them to do so with a value-laden offer such as an exclusive coupon code or a discount of some kind.    

4. Initiate sales opportunities through email

After building your list on Facebook, you can slowly introduce them to your products or services with the use of email marketing — which is considered to be one of the best marketing methods to turn mere fans into paying customers. This is where you should be making your pitch, straight to the inboxes of already-interested leads. But be careful not to spam them; instead, be mindful of sending them valuable content. One great way to do that is to send them emails that invite them to check out your blog or a webinar, for example. Offer them great content, and they’ll be more than likely to do business with you or purchase one of your products.          

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