Collaborative Companies – Why Coworking Can Stimulate Business Collabs


Thailand’s coworking scene continues to expand, and not only is it expanding, but the country is also seeing hybrid versions of the workspace that makes networking and collaboration more accessible to the business community. Not only are we seeing variations on the coworking space, but a few have grown to include spaces that have package deals with the hotel industry for digital nomads or those who find themselves in the country working temporarily. In more recent years, the focus has been on providing more emphasis on collaboration and helping businesses create these opportunities.

The coworking concept has traction in an office space environment filled with variations on standard office workspace. One of the reasons that coworking has been so successful is because it is more than just sharing workspace, and in many cases, these offices are communities within the Thai business landscape. With a mix between standard office space and a warm, inclusive environment, the coworking space has successfully managed to promote the concept of collaboration.

Keep reading to learn more about how coworking can create opportunities for business collaborations.

Office Design

The collaboration flourishes in the coworking space because the office layout in many cases encourages social engagement. Hot desks are either arranged where people are seated in close proximity to each other or they are seated at workstations, which creates more opportunity for interaction. Then, many of these spaces purposely designate space for socializing and for collaborative activities. The spaces have few barriers that serve as obstacles for preventing people from interacting with each other. In fact, those who really do not want to interact with others have to actually rent a private office because so much of the space in the office is accessible to anyone who belongs to the coworking office.

In spaces that combine both living and working together, the boundaries between work and home life intersect creating an interesting take on the coworking concept. By providing a place for people to unwind, these spaces allow professionals to socialize outside the space, thus providing more opportunities to connect on a personal level. With the professional connecting with the personal, opportunities become rife for collaboration.  

Networking Possibilities

Because of the layout of the space, there are so many opportunities to connect with others, even if on a superficial basis. The hot desks, for one, are a platform for exchanging information and getting referrals. In many cases, these areas are cornucopias of resources just by virtue of the fact that so many different types of industries can occupy a coworking space.

Then, there are various opportunities throughout the day to engage people in the space. As stated previously, office space usually has a few breakout areas where people can hang out and enjoy the conversation before getting back to work. In the space, networking goes hand in hand with collaboration because of the many chances professionals get to engage with each other.

Community Calendar

The community calendar sets the best coworking spaces apart from the pack. These spaces place great emphasis on providing professionals in the office with a wide array of events that can serve as a platform for getting to know each other. In addition to the more informal gatherings, a great coworking space will host conferences, meetups, and other business events that get the members to engage with each other and others in the community.

Creating Opportunities For The Collaboration

The coworking space combines workspace with all of the social elements of a business. While one could argue the traditional office space does the same, the coworking space takes networking and collaboration up a notch simply by placing emphasis on them. Furthermore, in the coworking space, the onus is on the professionals to take advantage of meeting others in the space, and thereby creating collaboration opportunities.

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