How to Optimize Your Home for Remote Work

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Whether due to a global pandemic or a change of career, you might have recently found yourself at home in a remote position. In many ways, that’s great. You can work around a more flexible schedule, save on commuting costs, avoid annoying coworkers, and wear just about anything – assuming there aren’t any video calls for the day. 

However, this newfound freedom comes at a cost. In your home office, there’s no greater enemy than yourself. No longer being under the watchful eyes of your fellow employees makes it easy to drop your inhibitions. The obligation to get things done seems to quickly wear away and with it, your productivity. 

But worry not, as solutions abound. Here’s how to optimize your home for remote work. 

Create a Dedicated Space

Your first step should be to find a place in your home where you can work distraction-free. Ideally, it should be outside of the bedroom, as your brain associates that space with sleep. The same applies to the couch and other leisure furniture. The space should be equipped with a desk and chair.

Not only do those components contribute to ergonomics and productivity; they also make you appear more professional in conference calls. That said, the occasional trip to a Wi-Fi-equipped establishment doesn’t hurt, provided you can remain focused. Think coffee shops, libraries, public lounges, and coworking spaces. 

Keep it Clean

Swimming through piles of papers and folders can severely hamper your progress, so be sure to keep your workspace clean and organized. Look into how you can digitize any traditional equipment such as calculators, journals, calendars, and to-do lists. This can go a long way in saving space and eliminating distractions. 

Rest Well

Your workspace isn’t the only part of the home that can be optimized for productivity. You can also improve other areas to help you stay focused and energized in an otherwise fatiguing environment. For instance, consider optimizing your bedroom to contribute to a better sleep schedule. There are many ways to do this. 

For instance, you can invest in blackout curtains to eliminate light. Keeping the temperature low and using a white noise machine to reduce sound can also help. Your mattress is one of the biggest factors in determining how well you sleep. There are lots of Memorial Day mattress deals during this period, so it’s worth looking into buying a new one. 

Bring in Some Green

While it might not be a good idea to set up shop in your garden, it’s definitely smart to bring some of the outdoors in. A few desk or floor plants around your workspace can liven things up and add a breath of fresh air. In fact, plants have been known to increase productivity, as well as being an effective stress buster. 

Invest in Quality Tools

Much like starting a business, working in a home office means you have to purchase the right equipment. In doing so, you can achieve new levels of productivity while ensuring your comfort. Look into ergonomic chairs, keyboards, mice, and space-saving monitor arms.

If you’re in it for the long run, it’s worth investing in some quality tech to make things easier. Take a moment to identify any devices that might be holding you back from achieving maximum productivity. For instance, the old router that’s constantly prone to subpar speeds and connection issues could be due for a replacement. 


Just as important as optimizing your home workspace is staying disciplined and forming good habits. Once these factors are in place, you can easily achieve even more than you did at the office. It often takes nothing more than a bit of determination, so stay focused and keep moving forward. 

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