Sleep Tech to Look Out for in 2019

Who doesn’t love a gadget? We’re now in an age that serves up some of the most exciting and innovative sleep technology to help us all get that sweet, sweet slumber amid a hectic world.

In all honesty, the sleep-tech market is growing at full steam, but the sector itself is still at the beginning of what looks to be a fruitful and interesting journey, and this can only be a welcome thing for the millions who struggle to find quality sleep on a regular basis.

As with many tech developments, there can be quite a few that make claims to aid the public, but in reality, don’t quite deliver. So, taking this into account, we’ve pulled in some of the standout sleep tech products we think will deliver the goods when it comes to a peaceful sleep.


First in our list is the Somnox sleep robot. This little bundle of joy is said to revolutionize the way we will sleep in the future.

It’s small, child’s cuddly toy size works by literally breathing in and out over the course of the night while you are sleeping. The idea behind this is that when you cuddle the Somnox, it acts to help slow your breathing to a relaxing state.

What’s more, there are intelligent sounds made by the device too which aid the process of drifting off and remaining asleep until it’s time to wake up.

Pocket Sky

The world is now ready and waiting for help when it comes to acclimatizing more efficiently to changing shift work schedules. While this also works for jetlag too, the vitalness of offering something that can help is definitely at the forefront; in fact, the World Health Organization has stated that shift work is a potential carcinogen!

With this in mind, light therapy – a method used to overcome seasonal affective disorder (SAD) for a number of years – steps up via pocket sky. This product makes light therapy easily accessible and effective, all while being in-keeping with stylish design and a compact finish.

Simply worn like a pair of glasses, you can pop the pocket sky on when you most need it. The device delivers the light therapy through its blue light in order to assist in supporting circadian configuration and wakefulness. Therefore, if you work when it’s dark outside, this tech will help you to feel energetic and less lethargic.


Silence is golden, as they say, and while you can buy headphones that offer a noise-canceling feature, Kokoon deliver something that is, quite frankly, next level.

Not only do they not become uncomfortable or painful when worn as you try to go to sleep/over long periods of time, but Kokoon has also made a product that ticks all the boxes required to achieve peaceful rest.

Packed with comfort, outstanding sound quality and super noise-canceling tech, Kokoon also has an app offers you the chance to listen to a series of relaxation programs that will help you drift off in no time at all.

Muse 2

Perhaps it’s because we’re so connected to the world these days; be it through the TV, smartphones, email and the like, but a common grievance millions of people suffer from is finding it hard to simply switch off at night.

Enter Muse 2. This lightweight monitor has the capability to quantify the electrical activity of your brain and then actively convert it into the relaxing sounds, such as the ocean, rainforest, or dessert, giving you a more personal sleep tracker to help improve the quality of your sleep.

When it’s time to unwind for the night and you begin to settle down in bed, your chosen soundscape alters in real-time in order to let you practice and advance your ability to relax.  Additionally, the Muse 2 has the facility to help you to work on breathing, controlling your heart rate and your body movement as well.


Finishing on arguably the most ‘out there’ sleep tech on the list, we have Skiin and their smart underwear! Made with no uncomfy, awkward sensors (because the fabric is the sensor!), Skiin’s tracking device pants could be the answer to enjoying improved sleep – believe it or not.

Featuring the ability to monitor active minutes and stationary time, stress levels, ECG, HRV, breathing patterns, sleep quality, steps, and distance, along with calories burned, throughout the day and night, you’ve got some seriously insightful wearable tech that stands out from the crowd.

Offering you contextual, never-before-seen insights into your overall well-being, health, and more, Skiin’s smart underwear is offering itself up as a potential game-changer in sleep monitoring, not to mention the athletic and health tracking potential.

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