How Sleeping on a Ghostbed Mattress Can Help You Sleep Better

Hey, you want some better sleep? Huh? Some of that good old-fashioned, dream-filled sleep? Well, get in line. If you have ever been pregnant, have kids, both, or neither, you will have craved sleep at some point in your life. For something so natural, it can be the most unnatural thing in the world. A bad sleep can ruin your day before you even get going.

When I get to teach kids, I am the happiest person on the planet. If I have a bad night’s sleep, I am the grumpiest. Give me some of that good ol’ rest, and it does wonders for me. Deprive me of it, and, well, just stay away until I have had enough caffeine. The point is, we all need to sleep and we all need to sleep well.


So, what is my point?

I believe that a good mattress is the key to getting some well-deserved rest. But, what do I know about mattresses? Well, not much until recently. After one bad sleep too many, I started looking into new mattresses in the hope of saving my money and buying a new one. There were so many to choose from that it took some time, but I finally narrowed it down. Can it really improve my sleep? I will let you be the judge.


A Ghostbed that won’t ghost you

A Ghostbed mattress will not leave you high and dry, or it will leave you high and dry, but in a good way. The mattress has three distinct layers, but it is the top two which interest me. The top layer is latex foam. The foam responds to the pressure which is put on it and gives good bounce. This makes you feel supported, but not stuck. Check out some reviews of Ghostbed mattresses.

The second layer is gel memory foam. This layer contours to the body and gives some extra support. The foam will support your joints without putting pressure on them. The two layers also work to take heat away from you as you sleep. If you know anything about sleep, then you know that if you are too hot, you will toss and turn all night and leave puddles of sweat. This mattress will remove the heat and wick away the moisture.

The mattress will literally leave you high and dry.


Motion isolation

What does that actually mean? Well, usually when you move around in your bed, or someone else does, one of you is disturbed by the movement. The foam in this mattress will limit the motion transfer. If you are woken by someone rolling over, you will sleep soundly on this mattress. If you are woken by someone getting out of bed, you will not wake with this mattress. I love this feature. As a mother, I am woken by the slightest movement or noise. There could be an earthquake, and I wouldn’t wake on this mattress.


Be firm with your sleep

Or have your mattress be firm with it, at least. This mattress comes with a 7/10 firmness rating, which may not suit everyone, initially, but this level of firmness is recommended for most people and will give you a better sleep, once you get used to it.


A good night’s sleep

Mattresses are not cheap, so you should not jump into buying a new one just because you need one. You should spend the time to research it and find the one which is right for you. A mattress is an investment in your health and well being. When I have the money, I am going to make that investment, and I know just the mattress.

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