How Tuft and Needle Mattress Can Improve Your Sleep Posture

Your body can react to the strain of everyday life, but you don’t really know how much your body can be messed up until you have a creature living inside there (I am talking about a baby, of course). Now combine that with bad sleep, and the aches and pains you wake up with will last you all day, only calming down when you are ready to turn in for the night with a headful of worry about sleeping badly again.

Late nights, mean Youtube rabbit holes. I think that I started with some sort of cute animals (maybe cats?) and ended up watching someone laying on a mattress. They were bragging about sleeping better than they ever had before, so I had to check that out.



But, before I did, I had to find out a little about sleeping posture. So, what does bad posture look like? Well, the main reason that we wake up sore is that we are putting too much pressure on our joints. If we are sleeping on our backs, we need to have our spines supported, or we wake up with them all out of whack. If we are on our sides, then there is a lot of pressure on our hips. There is also constant pressure on our necks, and while this is a lot to do with the thickness of our pillow, it is also caused by sinking into our mattresses to create too sharp of an angle.

What else contributes? Well, being held in the same position can really take its toll on your muscles and joints. If you sink far enough into your bed, then it can be hard for your body to move around during the night. You do not want to toss and turn, but you do want to move position through the night. If you do not, then the pressure adds up over time, and that is when pain develops.


Do I have the solution?

No, of course, I do not, but I think that I found something that can help. Everyone probably knows about the mattress in a box idea (a foam mattress is delivered in a box, cutting out the middleman and driving down the cost). Well, Tuft and Needle is one such company, and they claim to be able to help with your posture, so I decided to check them out. You can check out Tuft and Needle reviews too.

They are a foam mattress company, so it makes sense to look at the foam. The mattress has a high-density foam base, topped with a comfort poly-foam layer. The foam is both soft and firm at the same time. It is firm enough to hold your body but soft enough to not put too much pressure on your joints. You sink into the foam a little; enough to be cradled and for the mattress to distribute your weight more evenly than a spring mattress.

The firmness and softness mean that you will not sink in so far that you cannot move around as you are sleeping. The soft foam makes it easy to roll over onto your back, another side, and even your front.


Have I solved all of your problems?

Probably not, but if you do wake up with pain during the night or in the morning, then this mattress can certainly help with that. I am no doctor, but I can prescribe this mattress for posture problems while you are sleeping. We always hear about desk chairs for correct posture when you are sitting. It only makes sense that you care about your posture when you are sleeping too.


You can thank me later.

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