Japanese Super Cooling Foam

The Cold Foam on the hand (Credit: ShiftEast.com)
During hot summer days there might only one thing that you might want and that is something to cool you down. Luckily a Japanese company came up with something that just might help you ease that unbearable hot feeling – an ultra low temperature instant cold foam that comes in a can.
The super cold foam comes in a canister which holds about 220ml of material which hardens quickly once exposed to air. The foam can then be molded into any shape such as a necklaces or wristband which you can put on your hand to cool down.
The foam is made our of an assortment of chemicals including menthol, ethanol, isopentane, polyvinyl acetate and a few other chemicals which did not translate well from Japanese. The resulting foam leaves the canister in a super chilly temperature of -17°C ( or around 1.4°F) – enough to let you feel the chill for at least a few minutes.
The Cold Foam currently sells in Japan for ¥639 (about 8 USD) and it’s not clear if you can find it anywhere outside Japan.
The blue Cold Foam is actually not the only cold gel you can find in Japan – the following video shows the Blue Cold Foam together with another similar gel which makes a fizzling sounds as it is applied on the skin and eventually disappears without leaving a trace.
Video Showing the Cold Foam in action as well as another similar solution

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