The Gadgets You Will Use In An Electric Future

Popular culture is constantly making predictions about the future, but unfortunately, it’s never as cool as the movies. For example, you only have to watch ‘Back to the Future’ to wish we had some of those amazing gadgets, like hoverboards, self-drying clothes, or a hydrator that takes twelve seconds to produce a delicious, piping-hot pizza.

However, it seems that finally, we could be on the cusp of a sci-fi style future – one that is ruled by gadgets and automation. Although gadgets have already become a central part of our daily lives, this will increase during the next couple of decades with technology influencing almost every area of our lives, from commuting and business to leisure time and fitness.

So, what could your future look like? How will your future-self dress, get to work and complete daily tasks? Read on to find out.

Getting Dressed

For all we are hooked to our gadgets – this is a fact that would be hard to deny when we are all continually glued to our smart phones – there have been few advances in terms of clothing. Sure, there are jackets with built-in heating to keep you warm, and workout clothes with sweat wicking properties designed to keep you cool, but very few of our clothing options incorporate gadgets. Enter the future.

Technology could very soon be changing the way we get dressed. We could be using gadgets and virtual reality to upload photos of your garments, analyze clothing choices and create outfits, saving time when getting ready. But it’s not just the way we pick our outfits that could undergo a revolution.

Innovators have also been working on programmable fabrics which can sync with your smartphone using an app. This would allow you to share social media updates or music via your clothing.

Electric Travel

Automated cars are finally a reality and the UK will be allowing driverless cars on the road by 2019. But in what other ways will our travel be different?

In the near future, transport will be all-electric and we are already heading in this direction – electric bicycles are becoming increasingly popular among commuters and the government has stated that diesel cars will be banned by 2040 – but electric travel will go one step further.

For cars, it will be about more than just automation. Nissan recently unveiled that they are working on technology that would create a ‘brain-to-vehicle interface’, reading your brain’s neurons through a headset to predict your driving patterns and reduce the risk of accidents.

But what about other forms of travel? The aviation industry will undergo a revolution, too. It’s been revealed that electric planes could be taking to the skies in as little as 10 years. These electric powered aircraft would be able to complete short-haul flights and release fewer emissions.

Future Homes

If you are not already suitably impressed, then the home of the future is sure to do it. Design scientists have predicted that your home will be filled with automated gadgets that could eliminate hours spent completing daily tasks. But just how will this work?

The concept includes wardrobes that automatically clean your clothes, wallpaper that changes with your mood, interactive holograms and smart screens, and a self-cleaning bed. While this may sound too good to be true, South Korean firm LG has already designed the wardrobe, so these gadgets could be in your home sooner than you may think.

Technology is already a huge part of our daily lives, but our gadgets of the future could make our everyday tasks easier and safer. From outfit-selecting gadgets to forward-thinking electric travel and cool home tech, the future of gadgets look exciting and it could be here sooner than you may think.

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