What Are the 2018 Mobile Industry Predictions?

2017 was a momentous year in terms of technology advancements for the mobile industry and it has really set the bar high for what is to come to fruition in 2018! Below you can find some of the most exciting predictions for 2018, as well as some comparisons to the history of mobile phones.

What are the Apple Predictions for 2018?

Since launching the first iPhone back in 2007, as you can see in the below infographic, Apple has gone from strength to strength, releasing a new phone every year, and now dominates a large part of the global mobile phone market. For many, new Apple products are extremely exciting and it is predicted that in 2018 they will continue to try and grow their worldwide iOS market share and carry on with promoting the iPhone X. Any new iPhones released this year will be further advancements introduced by the iPhone X and you can expect better enhancements in iMessage and LTE capabilities. Unfortunately, don’t expect any huge changes to battery life to be made!



Mobile Messaging Will Continue to Dominate

When it comes to consumer interactions in 2018, it does not look like mobile messaging is going anywhere. It is predicted that this will continue to dominate as the main engagement tool for consumer interactions and SMS will even surpass 2017 volumes. All messaging media tools also look set to increase including WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Will 5G Dominate 2018?

As you can see from the infographic above on the history of mobile phones, 5G is on its way but it is hard to predict when exactly this will launch. We can expect to see in 2018 over 50 5G commercially deployed networks while hundreds of mobile operators are now investing in pre-standards 5G networks. While it is unlikely we will see 5G supported mobile handsets this year, this is something to look forward to in 2019 and 2020!



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