What Does The Future Hold For Private Jet Travel?

Although once classed as a mode of transport only the rich and famous could afford, private jet travel is on the rise. Not only has this benefitted passengers, but it’s also provided a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs too. As private jet travel becomes more popular, the sector is crying out for more private pilots.

Here, we’ll look at why private jet travel is on the rise and what the future may hold for this luxurious mode of transport.

Private jets now more affordable than ever

The main reason private jets have boosted in popularity is the price of chartering them. At one time, there were no way businesses could afford to travel in luxurious jets. However, thanks to companies like Vista Jet offering discounted and empty leg seats, it’s actually become more affordable now to book a seat on a private jet, than it is to book business class flights on a commercial plane.

The introduction of frequent flyer programs in the private jet sector has also played a large role in their popularity. By paying so much a year, businesses can benefit from affordable private jet charters. They’re still a little pricey for the average commuter, but executives are increasingly finding private jets to be an affordable option.

An environmentally friendly option?

Of course, no plane can ever be truly environmentally friendly. However, there are plans to develop more environmentally friendly private jets in the not too distant future. Also, in comparison to commercial planes, private jets can work out more economical due to the fact they don’t stop in as many places.

Development of lighter wings and more efficient engines is also underway. This will significantly reduce the amount of fuel the jets use and also make them faster. There are even rumors that manufacturers are working on developing a hybrid private jet which would partly work using electricity rather than fuel. However, there’s a lot of challenges which would need to be overcome before this type of jet could become a reality.

What does the future hold?

As technology progresses, so too will the private jet experience. Manufacturers are working on making private jets faster and more economical. We’ve already discussed the environmentally friendly changes being developed above, but what about the speed?

Well, there’s talk of supersonic jets being developed. One way they’re looking to do this is by creating jets with blended wings, giving them a futuristic design, while allowing them to travel at speeds faster than sound. This would mean getting to where you need to go would be much faster, even cutting current journey times in half.

Overall, it’s not hard to see why private jet travel is becoming more popular. With the cost of chartering a private jet continuing to reduce and the impressive developments currently being made, it’s likely private jet hire will become even more popular in the not too distant future. It’s a great time to be a part of the private aviation industry.




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