Private Aircraft Offer Surprising Small Business Opportunity

Capitalizing On Your Pilot’s License

A pilot’s license is no trivial thing, but one can be sourced with surprising swiftness if you know what you’re about. You can get a legal, valid, usable pilot’s license in a month’s time. Now, that’s going to be a month which has concerted study silhouetting it, and you’ll have to pay for the courses, so it’s not going to be free.

However, there is a dearth of available pilots in the US. Did you know there are only something like 211,000 of them? That’s not a lot, is it? When you consider that the US population is over 320 million, 211,000 private pilots is a surprisingly small sum. It’s only
something like .0006% of the total population.

As you can imagine, there is a demand for private pilots. It’s economics 101. As supply goes down, demand goes up. Well, there is a very low supply of available pilots, but a high demand for their services.

From private chartered flights to remote locations to medical emergencies where traditional “life flight” options aren’t available, there are gaps in the market which demand fulfillment. And you don’t always need to have your own aircraft, either.

The fact is, when only .0006% of the population can fly privately, outside the commercial sector, there will be situations where local pilots who would otherwise be able to handle a transit aren’t available to fly their own planes. You’ll be able to pick up the slack, and any sums involved therewith, just by being available.

The Reality Of The Situation

Certainly, such situations will be the exception rather than the rule, but over the natural course of things they will crop up. Additionally, there’s something like “ride share” with pilots which predates modern smartphones. Basically, four or five pilots share the burden of maintaining a plane, and schedule outings in it weeks or months in advance.

So you’ve got options available to you with a private pilot’s license that aren’t restricted to ownership of an airplane. Diversifying your professional portfolio in such a way may only require a month of your time and a few grand. Then, suddenly, you’re qualified to do something only a minute quotient of the population can, making you valuable.

For a small business, this has a diversity of relevant application. You can fly places more quickly and cost-effectively than many other businesses. For transit, scouting, meetings, sales, and many other applications this can provide a competitive edge; and that beyond additional income from private flight applications.

To that end, as you consider all these factors you must be careful to maintain whatever aircraft ends up being under your charge proactively. When it comes to aviation in the United States, the FAA stipulates a yearly inspection—often called an “annual”. If your machine doesn’t pass muster, you don’t fly with it.

Available Solutions

You’re going to need parts solutions which are known to be trustworthy, which are cost-effective, and which are readily available throughout varying states. To that end, it’s better to buy from an online parts manufacturer/distributor for a number of reasons, not least of which being continuous availability.

Granted, it may not be prescient availability, but there will be times when a component requires replacement between transits, and you have no available local options. But if you’ve got an online supplier, a part can be flown out to you, and your machine fixed with relatively high-level expediency.

According to AeroInStock.com, champion aviation spark plugs: “…are manufactured within all military and commercial standards established for aviation spark plugs.” Solutions like these sourced from online suppliers can ensure your machine remains in top functioning condition wherever you are, and whatever your needs.

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