The Evolution of Restaurant Gaming

You may have fond memories of playing darts at the neighborhood pub, but today gaming restaurants are becoming a worldwide favorite. While you might still find some arcade favorites at the pizza joint on the corner, you are increasingly likely to find diners logging in to play their favorite match-three puzzle ā€“ with or without friends.

What Prompted This Change

There may be several reasons for recent changes in the face of restaurant gaming. For example, those diners who once played a solitary crossword puzzle in the newspaper can now enjoy an interactive word game with friends. This increased ability to interact with friends might keep diners at the table longer, leading to more food purchases. Once restaurant owners noticed these trends, it may have been a natural move to include further gaming convenience for the rising generation of tech-savvy customers.

A Smart Business Move

Smart restaurant owners recognize their customersā€™ connection to social media sites. In addition to connecting with friends, diners often spend some of their lunch break catching up on their favorite social online games or check out how well their fantasy sports team is doing. Providing Internet access isnā€™t the only way that restaurants are wooing their gaming customers, some establishments have gaming devices available to their clientele.

Maybe you have noticed how the relationship between restaurants and gaming has changed over the years. Check out the following infographic for more information.


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