5 Websites To Play Sudoku Online For Free

Sudoku is a classic number puzzle game liked by puzzle lovers from all around the globe. Did you ever wonder what Sudoku means? Well, Sudoku is a Japanese word and ‘Su’ means numbers and ‘Doku’ means single. That’s right, Sudoku is a game of single-digit numbers where repetition isn’t possible. Playing a game of Sudoku can help you concentration and will also improve your memory. 5,472,739,538 Sudoku puzzles can be made, how many Sudoku puzzles have you solved yet? If you are running out of options, here are 5 websites to play Sudoku online for free!. 

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1. Sudoku.page

Sudoku.page is the popular destination to play Sudoku for free. The website has a clean interface which is required for a distraction-free game. The different difficulty levels present are easy, medium, hard and evil. It has a notes option which you can use to take notes while playing a game. If you are finding it difficult to crack the game, you can use the hint option too. Additional features include undo and eraser. In addition to that, you can also check for mistakes. The timer present in the upper right corner will help you to check the time taken to solve the puzzle. 

2. Websudoku.com 

This is another common platform to play Sudoku which also gives you the option to print the puzzle if you are more of a paper and pen person. The different levels of Sudoku available here are easy, medium, hard and evil. It supports 8,110,215,777 easy puzzles, 421,647,421 medium difficulty puzzles, 3,913,271 hard puzzles and finally, 334,663,854 super hard puzzles. While playing the game, you can check how you are doing. All the mistakes that you make in the puzzle will be highlighted in red. Gaming options available here include when you want to check the puzzle timer, how you want the website to check your mistakes. You can track your solution times too. The customization options include the background colour and whether you want to see the pencil marks or not. 

3. Sudoku Kingdom 

The colour design of the website makes it look good and it also provides the users the option of printing the Sudoku puzzle. It supports four difficulty levels. You can also try your luck in the daily Sudoku puzzle section. You can also trace your monthly Sudoku ranking in the Sudoku ranking table. You will have to register on the website to access this feature. Each month, Sudoku Kingdom chooses five users who have scored more than 100 points to reward them with an e-book containing Sudoku puzzles. 

4. Sudoku.name 

If you want to experience the ultimate Sudoku experience, then Sudoku.name is for you. The app allows you to check for your mistakes. If enabled this feature, every time when you enter a wrong number, the cell will be highlighted in red colour. The highlight digit features can be used to see where a particular number is present in the puzzle which makes locating a particular number extremely easy. Just like other websites, Sudoku.name also comes with a timer where you can check how long it took for you to solve a particular puzzle. You can also print the Sudoku puzzles available here in the form of PDF. The draft mode present here can be used by the player when they are uncertain about the numbers. It allows you to take a quick note for all the possibilities that exist in your brain. 

5. Sudokubum.com 

Sudokubum.com comes with an extremely neat and good to look at the interface. The Sudoku grid covers the entire screen which makes concentrating in the game extremely easy. Also, there are no annoying ads to distract you from the game. It has six difficulty levels: very easy, easy, medium, tough, very tough and extreme. On the basis of your expertise, you can choose the difficulty level which will challenge your mind. In the top middle section, the timer is present to remind you of the time that you are taking to solve the puzzle. If you are a newbie, you can enable the all notes feature to check which numbers are possible in a grid. If you are a professional, you should avoid using this feature. 

6. Sudoku on Solitaired

Solitaired has over 500 classic games to play, and recently they introduced Sudoku. You can play unlimited games across six difficulty levels, with their harvest level call “Inhuman” if you’re up for a real challenge. They also have a feature to check your status in the game to make sure your placement are correct.

You can use these websites to play Sudoku for free online. All these websites support an ample number of Sudoku puzzles to keep you entertained for a long time. 

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