Mastering the Tetrimino: Top 8 Strategies to Master

Mastering the Tetrimino: Top 8 Strategies to Master

Do you hear the Tetris theme song in your head whenever you see a stack of colorful blocks? You are not alone, especially if you are a 90s kid. Every millennial has had their brush with the Tetris game. Some played it for hours on end for entertainment, others enjoyed looking at the colorful blocks falling from the top of the screen. No matter the reason why you loved playing Tetris, you will be pleased to know that this game is back with a bang. As you know, change is the only constant in life. Keeping in line with this truth, Tetris underwent some changes, and although the classic game is still available, its modern version is called Block Puzzle. This reimagined version with a modern, fun twist is apt for the culture of mobile gaming. Most online platforms offer some version of the Block Puzzle game, but almost all of them have the same objective – to clear horizontal and vertical lines by mastering the placement of blocks. So, if the puzzler in you cannot wait to jump on the bandwagon and play Block Puzzle win real money, here are some strategies for you to master. Knowing these tactics will help you transform from a casual block-placer to a block-busting champion. Let’s go!

1. Memorize the Game’s Rules

It is not advisable to play any game without first knowing its rules. Even if you think you know the game’s rules, it is always best to check the rules of the specific website or app you have chosen. Sometimes, platforms introduce new rules or bring some twists, such as time-based matches or bonuses. Typically, the Block Puzzle game is pretty straightforward. You will be shown differently shaped blocks on your screen, which must be placed on the virtual game board. However, placing the blocks is only half the solution. The other half is ensuring the blocks are placed in a manner that clears horizontal and vertical lines. The more lines you clear, the higher your score will be.

2. Visualize and Predict

Sure, the art of visualization and prediction won’t happen overnight. You need to play several practice matches before you can reach a stage where you are able to calculate the blocks that will appear next. This strategy can either be a hit or miss. However, having some sort of an idea as to the blocks that will appear next will allow you to make space for them on the virtual game board. You need to assess the game board like a chess grandmaster. Before placing the blocks, you must envision the ripple effects that the potential placements will cause.

Having this foresight will guide you toward setting up multi-line combinations and epic chain reactions.

3. Keep Space on the Board for the Square-shaped Block

The square-shaped block is notorious for arriving uninvited, and it can throw you off your game. You must always leave some space for this block, or you’ll regret it. When this block springs up on your screen, it is never a pleasant surprise. It takes up a lot of space and cannot be rotated to fit awkward spaces.

4. Don’t Underestimate the L-block

The L-block may seem simple, but it is a master when it comes to adaptability. It can squeeze into awkward spaces on the board and fill gaps. You can use this block to create opportunities for future line clears.

Mastering the Tetrimino: Top 8 Strategies to Master

5. Resist the Urge to Fill the Corner

Placing the blocks to fill the corners of the game board might seem like the best move, but it isn’t. If you fill-up the corners, you end up trapping yourself. You are left with unusable pockets, and this may hinder your progress and even cause your failure. Hence, you must focus on clearing lines elsewhere. Whenever you place blocks on the board, make sure there’s always space for larger blocks. Your focus must be on clearing lines and not filling up the game board.

6. Focus on Clearing Multiple Lines

If you are playing the Block Puzzle game to earn money, it means you have to score the highest and as quickly as possible. Typically, cash prizes can be won if you participate in tournaments and contests. Here, you are not the only participant. You will be competing against multiple participants vying for the same prize. So, if you play safe and stick to clearing one line at a time, you’ll never reach the highest score within the time limit. You need to focus on clearing multiple lines in a row to trigger a glorious combo and multiply your score.

7. Avoid Panicking!

Confidence is key to mastering the Block Puzzle game. Similarly, it is also important to know that not all games are the same. Sometimes, you may lose because no matter what you do, you simply aren’t getting the right blocks. The game is throwing garbage blocks at you and testing your patience. Sometimes, it is possible to use the garbage blocks and turn the game around. But this is only possible if you remain focused and don’t panic. By strategically placing the blocks, you can clear them efficiently.

8. Practice Will Make You Perfect

Like any skill, you can master the Block Puzzle game by regularly playing practice matches. These matches will help to hone your skills. You can also use these free practice matches as sounding boards to test out your strategies. The more practice games you play, the more confident you become. Also, these matches will teach you that initial setbacks are normal. You can learn much from your mistakes and become a zen master from a novice.

The Bottom Line

Equipped with these strategies, you are well on your way to giving tough competition to your Block Puzzle opponents. Remember, having a clear mind is paramount.

So, grab your phone, install the Block Puzzle app of your choice, and get ready to conquer the colorful chaos. Do you want to share your own experience of playing Block Puzzle? Feel free to leave a comment.

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