3 Ingenious Gadgets for EVERY Budding Spy

He’s Bond, James Bond – he loves his Martinis shaken, his women with puns in their names, his cars fast and his day job dangerous. And although you could hardly call him a modern man, he’s still the coolest cat on the planet.

Indeed, becoming a superspy is the dream of many males, the type of guys who are more likely to get a new conservatory than a license to kill.

And with a few clicks of your mouse, you can have a scintillating spy setup.

Gadgets, gizmos and whatchamacallits – we’ve come up with a few of the finest to make you look like the coolest spy in your hometown.

So, shove on your tux, grab a stiff drink and adjust your tie whenever you escape danger – it’s time to be Bond.

The sound is mightier than the pen

Sometimes you’ve got to hear everything that the Blofelds of this world are saying. But there are more effective methods than sticking a glass against a wall and hoping they speak loudly.

Why not try the digital recording pen for high-quality sound captures that will look stylish and discreet? You can slot it in your pocket, hit record and track rendezvous with KGB agents, supervillains or even just business meetings.

The cream of the listening crop can record for hundreds of hours – they’re ideal.


Google has always been at the cutting edge of tech, and their latest foray into wearable tech, the Google Glass, is no different.

The highest-tech pair of specs you’ll ever wear, the Glass allows you to record video in the blink of an eye, Google places just by looking at them, view videos in your peripheral vision and integrate the internet into your life like never before.

It’s enough to make Q green with envy.

Although the Glass has its detractors – some have claimed it will lead to a dulling of our attention spans, while others have raised privacy concerns – there’s little denying that the Glass is a fantastic gadget.

The sights of the night

Have you ever stared into the inky night and wondered what could be out there? A lot of us have, and without night vision goggles we could only hazard a guess.

Watching nature, negotiating through unlit areas, sneaking your way around an enemy’s lair – night vision has a wide range of applications.

And, even more excitingly, the technology is improving all the time. Boffins have been on their labs concocting night vision that will screen in colour, as opposed to the miserable fogginess of current models.

Even in their current form, however, a reasonably priced set of night vision goggles can give you an ace view of everything lurking in the dark.

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