Light For Life Flashlight

5.11 Tactical has recently introduced their new innovative flashlight – “Light For Life” UC3.400. Unlike regular flashlights, which require constant battery changing, this new gadget offers a rechargeable battery that can be recharged in a minimal amount of time. Various military and rescue units could benefit from this new development, since it ensures that its users will have an operating light source at all times.
Most electric rechargeable devices share the same drawback – a lengthy recharging time. Even modern rechargeable LED flashlights need hours to take a full charge, and lose a little running time with each battery cycle. According to 5.11 Tactical, the Light For Life UC3.400 utilizes an ultracapacitor to hold its charge, providing about 90 minutes of light per charge. Although it doesn’t sound like much, its full-recharge time of 90 seconds is highly impressive. Moreover, the maker of UC3.400 claims that this super-recharge could be made at least 50,000 times.
The UC3.400 is made of durable polymer, it’s water resistant and uses 3 LEDs, giving it even greater durability. Aside from the flashlight, the kit contains a DC Charger, nylon belt ring, and a mounting bracket. Although the flashlight itself offers a unique system of recharging, its dependence upon electric sources (unlike the Datexx hand cranked USB charger, for instance) and its limited 90 minute operation time could hold back potential buyers.
The development of the innovative technology that enables fast super-charging was made possible due to 5.11 Tactical’s partnership with IVUS Energy Innovations, the makers of Flashpoint Power Technology. As a part of their promising marketing, 5.11 Tactical offers a limited lifetime warranty. Furthermore, the new flashlight is priced at $170; although this might not be suitable for private use, military organizations, police units and search and rescue teams might find it extremely useful (if they can tolerate the 90 minute operational time limit).
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For more information on 5.11 Tactical’s new flashlight, see the company’s website. Found out here for led head torches.

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