Datexx SuperBattery

The New Jersey based Company Datexx has introduced a new hand cranked universal USB charger that might help gadget lovers power their devices a little bit longer. With the growing number of electronic devices that support USB charging, such as PDAs, personal music players, and even mobile phones, the charger might be a good solution for squeezing out that extra power exactly when you need it.

PDAs, cameras, cellular phones, iPods, and many other devices are all linked by a common thread; the ability to be charged via an USB connection. Datexx developed the new USB charger as a source of virtually unlimited power – the only real limit is when you get tired.

In order to ensure high compatibility, several power tips are provided: da01, da03, da06 and da10. Motorola RazR‘s special power tip is also included, and additional connection tips are sold at Datexx’s website. However, the choice to provide a limited set might hinder some customers from buying the product, since it can be seen as an attempt to “squeeze” more money out of them.

The product’s 600mA battery is based on nickel-metal hydride technology and the charger’s total size is 5.72cm x 3.81cm x 10.16cm. At the weight of 170 grams, it feels like a medium-sized cell phone, but it can support a typical cell phone for up to 10 hours of talk time or 5 hours of iPod play time. Besides helping charge devices during emergency situations, the Datexx SuperCharger can also be used as a reliable flashlight. Moreover, “extra” power can be stored thanks to its built in battery, which can be charged using the included AC adapter, therefore creating a somewhat strange situation in which you “charge the charger”.

TFOT has covered other innovative “green” chargers, such as the voltaic solar charging backpack, which can help hikers charge their electronic devices. The solar freeloader is quite similar to the Datexx solution, but it isn’t limited to charging via the USB jack, and it is based on solar power rather than manual labor. Other related TFOT stories are the HYmini, a handheld hybrid mini “green” power station that uses three power sources: renewable wind power, solar power, and the conventional electric power outlet. Then there is the USBCell battery, which combines a 1300 mAh rechargeable battery with a USB plug.

For more information on the SuperCharger, see Datexx’s website.

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