E-Note Concept

The Chinese/French based company Sequoia Studio recently came out with an innovative concept for office memos, in the form of the E-Note. Although similar to the renowned ”Post-It” notes, the new electronic gadget offers reusability as well as digital interface, which allow users to organize information in a more efficient way.

Post-It notes are currently used almost everywhere in the world – on the fridge’s door, on computer monitors, and on secretaries’ desks. Sequoia Studio has developed an original solution to the numerous notes posted all around. Using E-Note, office employees can stick and detach notes as easily as any other regular note – but now each note is inconsumable.

Using tactile and flexible electronic paper technology, the notes can be used time and time again. Moreover, in order to provide the device an everlasting power source, tiny solar cells were suggested as a power source for the new concept. Another new feature is a visual alarm; users can set a time for the “color flash” effect, in order to be notified when their task deadline is due. The notes will not use conventional glue (which tends to loose its adhesiveness after a while), instead they will use Gecko-Inspired Synthetic Adhesive currently being developed in various places around the world.

Although this new concept might save paper, a major drawback is it’s limitation to the provided stylus. Other alternatives already exist on the market (although less sophisticated) such as the Digital Post-It, sold by the company who invented the Post-It – 3M.

TFOT has also covered MIT’s concept of Intelligent Stickies, which are similar to Post-Its but can be managed via computer, a New Gecko-Inspired Synthetic Adhesive, developed by researchers from Berkeley University, and the discovery of what could be nature’s strongest “super glue,” made at Brown University. Other related TFOT stories include an extensive article about the future of electronic paper and the development of an inkless printer made by Xerox.

For more information about the E-Note, see Sequoia Studio’s website.

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