Solar Powered Electronic Ink Advertisements

Korean company Neoluxiim is developing solar powered electronic ink advertising panels. The panels would include a single solar cell on their side capable of drawing power from commercial-grade indoor lighting. The panel would power the advertising display for up to eighteen months of continuous use. The display itself would include a small processor and support rotating display images and text.
A solar powered electronic paper advertising display (Source: Neoluxiim)
A solar powered electronic paper
advertising display (Source: Neoluxiim)

Information is limited at this time, but the new panels are self-contained units with everything needed to power, program, and run the display included within the unit itself. Despite this, the units are more compact than those requiring battery power or electrical plugs. The units will also be more portable and can be used in many more locations than those requiring external power.

The solar panel is 124 x 39 x 2 millimeters and supports a display size of up to 265 x 126 millimeters for the rated eighteen months of continuous use. The display panel, controller unit, and solar panel are embedded into a flat PVC frame; the combined unit is only 7.5 millimeters thick. They should work with any light source of at least 400 lux. Most commercial grade indoor lighting is well over 400 lux, especially in the brighter retail locations most likely to use indoor advertising.

A side view of a solar powered electronic paper advertising display (Source: Neoluxiim)
A side view of a solar
powered electronic
paper advertising display
(Source: Neoluxiim)

In addition to their compact size and portability, the solar powered electronic ink advertising panels require no maintenance – they can be configured and displayed, then left entirely alone without any additional effort.

The solar powered advertising panels are an extension of existing Neoluxiim electronic ink panels that use battery power. Neoluxiim also offers several products that combine traditional paper printed products with electronic ink displays including a series of displays that flash between black and white behind full color printed overlays and a hybrid display that integrates an electronic paper display inside a larger paper display so only the portions of the advertisement requiring animation use the more expensive electronic element.

TFOT has previously reported on other innovations in electronic paper including a carbon nanotube-based active color matrix electrophoretic display from Samsung and Unidym and a new type of electronic ink developed by Opalux based on photonic crystals. TFOT has also reported on a variety of gadgets and ebook readers using electronic ink displays including the Amazon Kindle DX, PlasticLogic’s electronic newspaper reader, and electronic Post-It notes developed by Sequoia Studio. TFOT also taken an in-depth look at the history and future of electronic paper.

Read more about the new solar powered electronic paper displays at the Neoluxiim product page and in this Neoluxiim press release. Read more about the flashing electronic ink advertising displays here and the hybrid paper/electronic advertising displays here.

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