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The Korean Company Unichal recently unveiled a new device called Dixau, which helps readers to improve their understanding of written texts. The device captures images of difficult words, transfers them to a nearby computer (with preloaded software), and applies them to a variety of on-line applications, including the Google search engine and Wikipedia.

The Dixau gadget is small enough to be carried in one’s pocket or in a small purse. The pre-loaded software applies the selected text to a variety of websites, such as Wikipedia, Google, or online dictionaries, depending on the user’s preferences. The results are displayed on the computer, and will hopefully help users translate and understand the text at hand.

The market of the new gadget is huge. Anyone studying a foreign language could use the Dixau instead of a dictionary; every professional who needs to understand technical terminology in a foreign language could use Dixau in order to read professional texts. Other people could simply use the device to translate an unfamiliar word.

The Dixau is expected to cost around 90$, but Unichal has yet to announce a US or European launch date for the device.

TFOT recently covered Fuji Xerox’s Copy-and-Translate Machine, which is a prototype copier machine that can translate scanned Japanese text documents into Chinese, Koreanm and English. TFOT recently covered another reading aid – the PocketViewer Digital Magnifying Glass.

For a video demonstrating the Dixau in action , see MSN Video. For more information about the device, see the Dixau website (Korean).

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