DesCom – Future Desktop

Designer Sung-kyu Nam has built a new concept product, combining the desktop table with the personal computer. Nam named his creation DesCom, a combination of the words ‘desk’ and ‘computer’. Samsung hopes to manufacture the DesCom.

Most designers’ concept products are not necessarily practical and useful. However, Sung-kyu Nam’s concept computer-desktop-table seems like a fairly useful and space preserving product. In order to turn this concept into a reality, the Samsung Company, which is convinced there is a market for this product, will create a compliable computer.

The desk is very elegant, integrating the computer (almost) seamlessly into the desktop surface. When all the parts are assembled, the unit gives an impression of a flawless surface. However, when the computer is not situated in the desk, the table’s surface remains uneven. According to the designer, the empty space left by the computer could be used for various purposes. Another possible fault is the DesCom’s aesthetic built-in keyboard, which may prove to be less comfortable to use than conventional keyboards because of the lack of pressure due to its flat keys. The computer can be used as a basic home theater system or used as a main computer. When the computer’s main body is separated from the desk, it can be installed in any other room.

TFOT has covered various designer concept products including Jonas Samson’s Light-Emitting Wallpaper which can illuminate a small room, Tao Ma’s Cell Phone Bracelet which can be used as a regular mobile phone, and Hugo Danti’s Nokia Open mobile phone, which is based on colored e-paper and incorporates touch-screen technology.

DesCom is suggested as a new business device, targeting Samsung’s business-to-business (B2B) market. More information on the DesCom can be found here.

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