Cell Phone Bracelet

The cell phone bracelet concept was developed by the Chinese designer Tao Ma for the 2006 Lite-On Corporation awards. The unique design futures a bracelet which vibrate slightly when it receives messages or a call, then the bracelet can be opened and be used like a regular phone.

The bracelet which is called e-mobile can also be used to play MP3 music and be connected to headphones (no Bluetooth support was mentioned but it could surly be useful with such a device).  The bottoms of the e-mobile are shaped like diamonds which adds to the fashionable look of the device.  

The one big flaw we see in this concept is the lack of a screen which might have been incorporated into the internal or side of the bracelet to show the number of the person calling ad the number dialed.  

More images of the e-mobile could be found on this page.

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