Light-Emitting Wallpaper

Jonas Samson, an innovative interior designer from the Netherlands, has created a new kind of wallpaper that also serves as a light source. Samson’s wallpaper will enable us to use two-dimensional light sources instead of the 3D lighting fixtures currently in use around the world. The light emitting wallpaper can be turned on and off and is made of light emitting diodes (LEDs), which consume very little power and are relatively cheap.

The wallpaper’s patterns consist of embedded lights, and the transition effects are achieved through controlling individual pixels (LEDs). One can turn off the lighting, making the wallpaper a standard wall ornament, or have it turned on and enjoy the transition of multiple patterns. When the lights within the wallpaper are in the ‘Off’ position, the wallpaper is indistinguishable from any other wall covering surface, and when they are in the ‘On’ position the wall emits a nice glow that can illuminate a small room.

Because of the low power consumption and low production costs of LED many believe this technology has the potential to take over the in indoor lighting market. In fact, LEDs were prominent in exhibitions held throughout Europe this year.

In his designs, Samson explores the utility, art and craft of turning conventional items into works of high tech design. The light-emitting wallpaper demonstrates his skills, which are quite unique – integrating highly advanced technologies with creative design.

Other related inventions covered by TFOT include the Swedish Interactive Paper, which can be used on billboards, and several LED based clothes developed both by researchers from the University of Manchester and by the Philips Corporation.

More information about Samson’s works and a demonstration of the patterns-transition effects can be found here.

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