Electric Clothing will Warm your Body

The German company WarmX developed a line of clothing which includes tiny silver fibers are woven into the knitted fabric and supplied with electricity by a small rechargeable battery. The knitted fabric is warned directly on the skin creating a warm feeling even when the temperature outside is very low.

During CeBIT 2007 WarmX demonstrated its line of electrically warmed tights and undershirts. The undershirt includes heat panels knitted into the shirt around the kidneys. In this region the body is apparently highly temperature sensitive and according to WarmX the subjective feeling of "being warm" occurs when the kidneys are warmed. Unlike other electrical clothing such as electric socks there are no extra wires coming out of the WarmeX clothing except from a small power unit which includes a battery and a control unit with three different temperature levels. 

The WarmeX clothing can get wet and continue working, they can even be washed in low temperature in a washing machine without a problem. The undershirt is made from a mix of Polycrolon Microfibre, superfine merino wool, cotton and acrylic. The silver fibers woven into the knitted fabric reduce the spreading of bacteria and body odors.  

The power unit includes a 2200mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery which is good for between 2.5 and 5.5 hours (depending on the heating level used). A full recharge takes about three hours and although the battery cannot be replaced by the user it should be good for at least 500 recharge cycles.  

Warmex clothing should be excellent for many outdoor activities as well as extreme sports (anything from ski to hiking). Professionals such as hunters and divers would probably also be able to find the WarmeX useful. The only major downside to the suit besides the relatively short operation time is the price. Starting from for 350-400 euros (466-533 dollars) per item (undershirt or tights) this is defiantly not a cheap treat, but for those who need it, it just might prove indispensable.

More information can be found on the WarmX website.

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