Sector Watch

The Sector concept timekeeper, developed by the Turkish designer Tamer Nakisci with the Italian wristwatch company Sector in 2004, was meant to be both a fashion statement and a highly functional device capable of displaying images, video messages, and GPS information to act as a digital compass.

A touch sensitive ring around the watch face for controlling the Sector is illuminated to show the time without occupying the watch face, reserved for other functions mentioned above. The watch can be worn as a necklace or bracelet by removing the strip and attaching it to the appropriate accessory. An interesting addition not mentioned on the designer website is the option to use it as a screen for receiving caller IDs, numbers, and images from the cell phone while using a Bluetooth headset, further increasing its functionality.

The Sector is still just a concept, as are some of the other interesting designs on the Tamer Nakisci website

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