PlantSense USB Plant Sensor

PlantSense USB Plant Sensor – This tiny stick developed by the PlantSense Company is a computerized sensor designed to measure information about your plant’s sunlight and moisture, as well as the soil composition and other factors that can affect its growth and health. The sensor is inserted several centimeters into the ground, then removed, and plugged into the computer via its USB connector. The sensor connects to the Planetsense website, which analyzes the downloaded info, and provides tips for improving the particular conditions (such as which fertilizer to add, reducing sun exposure or watering), as well as about which plants might grow best in that particular soil and environment. For those really into it, plants’ medical records can be stored online. Hopefully it’s secure!

The device should become available by autumn of 2007 with an asking price of around $50, which includes a one year battery and the first year’s subscription to the website. Meanwhile little information can be found as yet on the Plantsense website, so our plants will have to make it on their own a little longer.

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