3-D Color LED Bulb

LEDtronics TRF-G30 LED light bulbs – The G30 LED bulb comes in red, green, yellow, super-bright warm white, and cool white, as well as other colors available by custom-order, inside a globe that allows the LEDs to shine in multiple directions (3D).

Depending on the LED color and viewing angle, these bulbs can put out 510 to 970 candelas while consuming only 13 watts, according to the company. Maybe the biggest plus of using LED light bulbs is their average life span, reaching 100,000-plus hours (11 years), 20 to 30-times longer than the equivalent incandescent lamp. They are also impervious to shock, vibration, frequent switching, and environmental extremes due to the LED’s solid-state design, and can fit standard American or European screw bases.

These benefits come at a price – between $158.00 and $199.95 depending on color and size.
More information from the LEDtronics website.

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