Mauz – Turning your iPhone into a Super Controller

MAUZ connected to an iPhone

Control your computer in 2D/3D
A newly developed mobile add-on allows users to create a three dimensional computer mouse that connects to an iPhone and uses an app to control media centers and computers in a novel way.
MAUZ is a kickstarter project created by developer Gilad Meiri from California aimed at providing a new type of 3D kinetic mouse allowing users to control computers and media centers. With MAUZ it’s all about gestures. Just connect the MAUZ adapter to your iPhone and move the phone around to rotate your design work change your aircraft angle on your favorite flight simulator or pick a personal swipe that will always open your Gmail whenever you need it.
The most basic use of the MAUZ is a simple 2D mouse – it uses the iPhone touch display and built in sensors to simulate a regular mouse with two bottoms and a scroll wheel which you can use with your laptop or desktop.
But MAUZ gives you much more than 2D mouse like experience. You can pick it up and using the built in sensors use it as a three dimensional mouse to control your 3D CAD software (much cheaper than most alternatives), or you can even leave the MAUZ on the desk and move your hand above it and it will recognize this as a gesture (for example you can do an “air swipe” to navigate menus or an up-down motion to perform volume up or volume down for music), the options are almost limitless.
A different feature of the MAUZ is a touchpad. If you always wanted one to use with your desktop but didn’t want to purchase an expensive external touchpad.The MAUZ also allows you to make shortkeys for specific programs which allows users to be creative, significantly simplifying the way some programs work (you can theoretically create a shortkey for calling a friend on Skype with one click of your iPhone from your computer.
MAUZ also offers a Software Development Kit (SDK) which should allow developers to create different shortkeys screens to fit various computer applications.
Currently the biggest obstacle for MAUZ has to do with the Kickstarter campaign. Meiri is looking to rise no less than a $150,000 with only 25,000 raised so far and only 3 weeks to go. Each unit will cost you about $60 (for either iPhone 4/4s or iPhone 5) and delivery is said to be planned for 2H of 2013.
You can find out more on the MAUZ kickstarter page and on the mauzup website.

MAUZ video demonstration

Introduction video and a real world demonstration

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