Gigabyte’s New Gaming Mouse

Gigabyte Technology Co. has recently unveiled the GM-M8000, a super powerful mouse designed specially for heavy gamers. According to the company, the new device has the most accurate precision ever seen, no tracking lag, and one of the highest resolutions in the industry. According to Gigabyte, the GM-M8000 is a premium pointing device for both gamers and professionals.

In addition to 4000dpi resolution, the mouse has five extra gaming buttons which the users can program to perform various actions. The concept behind this design is to offer gamers the ability to overcome their online opponents with minimal effort. In order to provide customers with a better gaming experience, Gigabyte has implemented their latest GHOST Engine.

The GHOST Engine allows gamers to record, read, and edit the desired scripts which comprise keyboard and mouse commands. Users can program up to 15 different macros, each corresponding to a specific combination of buttons, using the 8K GHOST memory.

According to the specifications, the new mouse utilizes high-performance AVAGO 6090 laser sensor, and its scroll wheel has 24 individual click positions. The model’s design includes a sweat-proof ergonomic streamline shape, meant to sustain long hours of usage. The frame rate per second is measured at 7200, with maximum acceleration of 20G.

The GM-M8000’s overall weight is 145-grams, and its size is rather small than most gaming-oriented mice: 126mm x 74mm 43 mm (length / width / height). Moreover, users can fine-tune the device’s weight using the supplied weights, which combine to 6, 12, 18, 26, 32 or 38 grams. According to Gigabyte, the feature was installed due to gamers’ demand.

The mouse has a standard connection via a typical USB cable, and its color is limited to standard black. It is worth mentioning that some potential consumers might be hindered by the lack of variety. While US prices are yet to be revealed, the new model’s cost in Australia ranges from $70 to $84.

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For more information about the Gigabyte GM-M8000 Mouse, see its manufacturer’s website.

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