First Wireless USB External Hard Drive

Minnesota-based company Imation has recently unveiled the world’s first external hard drive that connects wirelessly via USB. The new product, dubbed Pro WX, offers users a fast, large and portable storage solution which can be used either for backup purposes or for easy data transfer between computers.
Pro WX Wireless USB Hard Drive. (Credit: Business Wire)
Pro WX Wireless USB Hard Drive. (Credit: Business Wire)

Imation’s latest product, the Pro WX wireless hard drive, is provided with a USB dongle that connects PCs (or Macs, which are also supported) with the portable storage device. While it solves the problem of dangling wires, it still requires using a USB port, meaning that desktop users might need to crawl on their knees before accessing their personal data. Imation made a smart choice, making the Pro WX compatible with the upcoming USB 3.0 – which should provide higher speeds than ever.

The new portable hard drive has a capacity of 1.5 terabytes (approximately 1500 gigabytes), placing it among the elite products available today. This should be sufficient for about 300,000 photos or 750 hours of video. Its body has a standard size of 3.5″, and according to specifications, its data transfer rate (when wirelessly connected) is up to 15MBs/second. In addition, the Pro WX features an innovative one-to-one connection, limiting the possibility of signal interception. Therefore, users can be at peace knowing that within a radius of 30 feet no one can target their personal data.

The product includes an integrated stand, allowing users to place the hard drive in either a vertical or horizontal position. Furthermore, the available storage space is indicated via a low capacity/data activity LED, which makes it easy to identify data processes. Consumers who are ecologically oriented will be happy to know that there’s a built-in sleep mode, used in order to conserve energy when idle. Another interesting feature is the one-touch backup synchronization button, made to simplify the backup process.

Currently Imation sells the Pro WX wireless USB hard drive for $450.

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For more information about the Pro WX wireless USB hard drive, see the product’s website.

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