Wireless USB to VGA Kit

IOGEAR Inc. has recently introduced a new product that wirelessly connects between Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports and Video Graphics Array (VGA) ports. Using such a connection, users are able to add a high-resolution display to extend their desktop completely wirelessly.

Installation of the adapter is simple: after installing the provided driver software, the user connects the USB adapter to his PC and the VGA adapter to his monitor – thus setting up the option to extend his desktop to the additional screen. Users can benefit from this technology in situations that entail presentations that require live demonstrations on two or more monitors.

Other potential customers are users that would like to play videos from their PC or browse the internet using their flat-screen TV; the new product enables the avoidance of cable limitation. The adapters ensure a seamless transfer of data without quality loss. However, the new product doesn’t support connections through other wireless technologies, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Moreover, it is currently only available on the US market due to wireless regulations.

The wireless adapters have a range of up to 30 feet, and the resolution supported is up to UXGA (1600×1200) or WSXGA+ (1680×1050); when streaming, the maximal resolution is
720p; besides the two adapters (one for PC, one for screen), the kit includes two USB 2.0 cables: one is A to mini-B cable (3 feet long) and the other is a simple extension cable (5 feet long). These allow for the PC wireless adapter to be placed at an optimal location (considering its broadcasting limits). The warranty provided is valid for one year.

While the kit is compatible with most MS-Windows based platforms (including Vista), Macintosh users will be disappointed to discover that it does not support their machines. Another drawback that might hinder potential buyers is the kit’s relatively high price, which currently stands on $210.

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For more information about IOGEAR’s Wireless USB to VGA Kit, see their website.

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