Flexicord Super Cable

The California-based company Flexicord has recently introduced an innovative technology called, a Memory Cord, which allows cables to hold their shape no matter how they are extended or bent. The new patent-pending technology has won the Innovations Award Honoree during the recent CES 2009 exhibition, and it could make many computer users’ lives easier.
Anyone who ever tried to untangle computer cables to perform various maintenance operations is familiar with the common nuisance Flexicord is trying to solve. Other situations in which Flexicord could be found useful are entertainment setups, which tend to amass pools of excess cables behind and around stage.
The new technology could be applied to several cables, such as HDMI, VGA, S-video, audio, and USB. Flexicord is already selling products that embed the new patent, and according to the company, the cables could be extended up to ten feet. A coiling tube, included with each Flexicord product, allows consumers to return the cable to its original coiled shape whenever needed. The various products are sold via E-Filliate, a distributor of computer accessories.
“In the past, when a consumer purchased a cable to hook up A/V equipment, he or she would have to guess the proper cable length,” says E-Filliate Operations Director Chuck Sherwood. “Invariably, the cord would be too long, pooling messily behind the entertainment center, or worse, too short, forcing a return of an opened package. A Flexicord cable is the solution because it’s always the right length; it stretches to fit, keeps the area behind you’re A/V components neat and clean, stays off the floor, and eliminates cable clutter.”
The patent-pending technology behind the new innovative cables is still confidential, but assuming Flexicord will have the exclusive rights, it could provide a significant advantage over other solutions currently on the market. Prices are yet to be announced.
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For more information about Flexicord, see the company’s website.

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