iSaw – A Chainsaw for Home and Office

An innovative mind has combined between computer science and the trimming industry – in the form of a USB-powered chainsaw. The next-gen chainsaw is no larger than a regular keyboard, and although it has been noted to create some initial shock amongst consumers, it is practically safe just as any other chainsaw.
iSaw - a PC-compatible chainsaw
iSaw – a PC-compatible chainsaw

The new gadget, dubbed iSaw, utilizes known technologies to provide users the opportunity to cut through various materials in their working environment. While one might wonder about the need to power a chainsaw using a universal serial bus (USB) rather than plugging it into a regular AC socket, iSaw’s manufacturer simply retorts – “Some
people carry their laptops outdoors”.

Besides being powered through USB, the iSaw introduces unprecedented compact dimensions: 385 x 147 x 130mm, while weighing only 3.7 kg. In addition, as opposed to common chainsaws, it uses materials that are much lighter. However, its development was not easy; iSaw’s designers faced the challenge of maintaining the vertical axis of the guide bar rigid, a difficult task especially when pressure is applied onto the saw chain. For that reason the materials were meticulously picked.

The connection to the user’s computer – made with the supplied USB cable – is instant, pure “plug ‘n’ saw”, with no required startup time. This was made possible due to a patent-pending technology, which allows unparalleled distribution of power. According to the inventors, the iSaw is compatible with PCs, Macs and most USB-enabled devices.

Although the general concept sounds amusing and might encourage some risky office tricks, the manufacturer notifies that standard precautions apply. Eager consumers will have to wait until September 2009, with pre-orders benefiting from an introduction price of $60 (shipment not included).

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For more information about the iSaw, please visit its website. To see it in action, watch this YouTube video.

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