How Big is 24 Inch TV: Dimentions & How to Choose Right One

If you have already begun to select a brand and model of television, you must pay close attention to its proportions, which include height, breadth, and thickness (depth). 

Obviously, the size of the TV should not be the only consideration when purchasing a television, but once you’ve decided on the brand, screen type, and other factors, the size of the TV should be considered.

In this blog, we will tell you in detail about how big is 24 Inch TV & It’s dimensions.

How Big Is A 24-Inch TV?

man watching on 24-Inch TV

We’ve given typical measurements above, but TV sizes vary by manufacturer. Thus, the table below displays the dimensions of 24 Inch TV of various brands.

  • LG LED TV 22.0′′ x 13.4′′ x 2.0′′ 56.3′′ x 34.1′′ x 5.8′′
  • LG Smart TV 21.7′′ x 13.4′′ x 2.0′′ 55.6′′ x 34.5′′ x 5.3′′
  • Bravis Smart TV 21.7′′ x 13.0′′ x 3.2′′ 55.3′′ x 33.3′′ x 8.6′′
  • Samsung LED Smart TV 22.0′′ x 13.4′′ x 2.4′′ 56.2′′ x 34.9′′ x 6.5′′
  • Philips Smart TV 22.0′′ x 13.4′′ x 2.8′′ 56.7′′ x 34.0′′ x 7.4′′

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What Are The Dimensions Of A 24-inch TV?

There are three dimensions to consider: width (length of the TV), height (height of the TV), and depth (thickness of the TV). Also, remember that the TV can be fixed on the wall or placed on a stand. If you intend to use a stand, keep its dimensions in mind.

Furthermore, manufacturers are attempting to make new televisions nearly frameless. As a result, although in the past, the size of the TV was determined not only by the size of the screen but also by the size of the frame, the present TV is almost totally determined by the size of the screen.

Now consider the average 24-inch TV measurements in inches: 

  • The width of the 24-inch TV is 21 inches.
  • Without a stand, the height of the 24-inch TV is 12 inches. 
  • You can add 2 or 3 inches for the stand; the depth of a modern 24-inch TV ranges from 1.5 to 2.5 inches; the usual stand depth is approximately 6.5 inches. 

Dimensions of any object are often expressed in WxHxD format thus, for a 24-inch TV, they would look like this:

  • Without a stand, the dimensions are 21 x 12 x 2; with a stand, the dimensions are 21 x 14 x 6.5.

Let us now determine the dimensions in centimeters:

  • The width of the 24-inch TV is 53 cm, and the height without a stand is 31 cm. You can add 5 or 8 centimeters for the stand.

Let us now determine the dimensions in centimeters:

  • The width of the 24-inch TV is 53 cm, and the height without a stand is 31 cm. You can add 5 or 8 centimeters for the stand.

A contemporary 24-inch TV’s depth ranges from 2.5 to 5 cm; the typical stand depth is roughly 15 cm. 

The W x H x D format is as follows:

  • Measures 53 x 31 x 3 without a stand and 53 x 37 x 15 with one.

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Tips For Choosing TV Screen Size 

Dimensions of the screen

The dimensions of television displays are measured diagonally. A 55-inch TV screen, for example, has a dimension of 55 inches from the opposite lower corner to the top corner. Its factual dimensions, however, differ. It is around 49 inches wide and 29 inches tall.

A 40 to 55-inch TV is suitable for a pleasant watching experience if your bedroom is standard-sized (10 × 10 or 10 x 11). A 70 to 85-inch TV can fit in a master bedroom (16 x 16). More information about conventional master bedroom sizes may be found here.

TV display resolution

It’s also critical to evaluate the TV’s screen resolution. A greater TV resolution allows you to see it closely without being distracted by too many pixels. Even at a much closer distance, watching on a 4K TV (3840 x 2160) is not painful to the eyes. 

However, you cannot watch and sit closer to a 1080p TV since it would create eye strain. Furthermore, the pixels on the TV screen become more visible. TVs with 1080p screen resolution perform better when seen from a greater distance.

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TV stand dimensions

Modern oak television stand

It’s also a good idea to set your prospective TV on a rack with the accompanying stand or mount it on your wall and hang it before purchasing it. 

Consider the size of the associated stand if you want to set your TV on a table or rack. The legs of the TV stand are usually the same length as the TV, although they are sometimes much broader than the TV screen. As a result, if the TV stand is narrow, the legs will most likely not fit well.

TV Position

If you place the TV set on a rack or table using the stand with it, the set will be closer to the viewer’s location, resulting in a shorter viewing stretch. As a result, you must determine the precise depth of the TV stand and the furniture on which you intend to install the TV. 

You can, on the other hand, hang the TV on the wall to extend the viewing distance. It is also useful since it might assist in preserving space. It also appears more ordered. 

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Final Thoughts

You will make the final choice. If you follow the ideas and principles we’ve given, you can select the optimal 24-inch TV size.

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