5 Best Tesla Apps That Will Improve Your Tesla Experience

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When you think of a Tesla, you think of a well-equipped car with all the necessary features. While it is true that Tesla comes with advanced features, there’s more to it. Access to the best Tesla apps (for Android and iOS) can improve your Tesla experience exponentially.

Not only does it help you sort out the basic functionalities of the car, but it also gets access to a few workarounds. Some apps can help you locate your Tesla, monitor the charging status, etc. It’s no surprise that the official Tesla app takes the cake. However, we wanted to expand our choices.

This guide will walk you through a list of the best Tesla apps focusing on the car’s functions and enabling you to make the most out of the car’s driving experience.

Tesla Mobile App

Regarding the best apps for Tesla, nothing beats the company’s official application. The app is available for Android and iOS devices, enabling owners to manage their vehicles seamlessly.

What’s great about using this app is the convenience. Not only does it allow you to track the features of your car, but it also keeps you updated about changes and software features. If your Tesla’s software needs an update, that’s available on the app.

One unique feature happens with Tesla’s autopilot mode. If that’s enabled, you can instruct your Tesla via the mobile app to come to pick you up. Not just the driving facilities, the Tesla mobile app also keeps your car’s entertainment portal in check.

Using the Tesla Mobile app, users can:

  • Track their Tesla via GPS
  • Lock and unlock the vehicle without access to a key
  • Upgrade the car’s software
  • Enable climate control inside the car
  • Enable valet mode to protect your identity

The biggest downside to using this Tesla Mobile app is the security concern. If someone can access the mobile app’s password, they can operate your Tesla.

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Tesla Navigation App

Regarding the navigation app for your Tesla, “A Better Route Planner (ABRP)” is a great place to start. The in-car navigation isn’t bad and suffices the basic navigation needs, but it isn’t well-equipped.

The in-built navigation lacks a few advanced features, which ABRP takes care of. The highlight of this app is the precise estimates, especially when it comes to the timing and the duration.

What started as a staple web application for Tesla is now available for both Android and iOS devices. Once you download the app, you must enter your starting point; pit stops, and end destination.

The app gives you a complete rundown of the route, what you can expect along the route, and tips to make the most out of the whole driving experience. The app considers the climate and elevation to give you an accurate estimate of the time it will take you to reach your destination.

Furthermore, the app also alerts you about the Tesla superchargers along the route so you can plan your charging stops accordingly.

Tesla Theater App

We’d recommend Spotify as the best theatre or entertainment app for your Tesla. It’s an all-around app that sorts you out with your road trip playlist and enables you to listen to podcasts if that catches your attention better.

Tesla has a few in-built music and entertainment apps, but they are mediocre at best. Not only does it lack choices, but the apps also don’t offer access to the latest music choices most people seek.

Tidal, a reasonably popular entertainment app for Tesla, doesn’t do a fair job. So, if you want to keep yourself occupied during your Tesla ride, we’d recommend sticking to Spotify.

Third-party Tesla Apps

With all of these official apps out of the way, let us familiarize you with a few third-party Tesla apps that are equally worthy.

Most of these apps are available for Android and iOS, so compatibility won’t be an issue, irrespective of which device you use.


This app does the job well if you want to keep track of the Sentry view and the Dashcam videos. The only issue with this app is that it’s an exclusive iOS app. However, you can find alternatives for Android devices too.

TeslaCam Reviewer is a great alternative for Android users, which serves a similar purpose to SentryView. Connecting the USB drive to your phone should enable you to review the recorded footage and make the most of Tesla’s driving experience.


For Tesla drivers who want to keep a check on driving statistics like energy usage, charging and battery health, TeslaFi is the go-to app. However, this third-party app isn’t free. You must pay $5/month or $50/year to avail of their services and reports.

The good news is that the app has a two-week free trial. If you are skeptical about paying for the app, you can test its accuracy for two weeks. If things seem good, you can avail of the subscription. You must log into your Tesla account on the TeslaFi app for verification and further connectivity.


Like TeslaFi, Stats also keeps track of your Tesla’s driving statistics. From energy usage to battery health, you get a detailed report about your car by the end of each trip. The app is quite comprehensive and allows you to navigate to your destination.

What’s great about this app is its similarity with the official Tesla app. When you log into the app using your Tesla account also provides you access to smart features like smart heating and cooling, smart sentry, smart charging, etc. Its one of the most used third-party Tesla apps on the internet.

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These are some of the best Tesla apps that are worth the time. You can’t beat the official app, but having access to a few more apps can enhance your overall driving experience, especially if you are on a road trip with friends or family. All of these are official apps, which means that you won’t have to worry about authenticity.

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