New Year, New You: 7 Tips for Upgrading Your Style

You may put aside or forget about your clothes and accessories when life gets busy, or you fall into a routine. Even your hairstyle may be the same one you’ve had for the last five years. To keep your style up-to-date, here are some tips to upgrade them.

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1. Research New Brands

New brands always come out, whether it’s for clothes, phone cases, shoes or makeup. By researching what’s out there, you may discover something new that you love. Before you start, however, you need to figure out what your style is. You may prefer minimalism, flashes of color, conservative pieces or even a daring look. Decide your style first, and then research brands that fit your style. Adding a new brand to your clothes or accessories can help freshen up an outdated wardrobe or even add a needed pop of color.

2. Upgrade to Better Technology

Technology is a surprisingly easy way to upgrade your style. A new iPad, Fitbit fitness tracker or iPhone 14 can serve as an accessory, and the new models often come with useful features that older ones don’t have, including camera improvements. That means you’ll be able to get better selfies and better photos to share on social media and show off your style. Don’t forget a sleek iPhone 14 case if you get a new phone. And though it might not make a difference when it comes to style, a liquid screen protector is always a good idea for added security.


3. Invest in a New Handbag

Your handbag often reveals your signature look and style. If you haven’t invested in a high-quality handbag, now’s your chance. The advantage of investing in a well-crafted purse made of premium materials is that you’ll not only upgrade your style but also know that your handbag will be sturdy as long as you take care of it. Pick something that complements your style, can be used for outings day and night, and is durable. Alternatively, you may want a new bag for work and another for the evenings, such as a clutch bag. For both, choose something timeless and classy.

4. Invest in Your Wardrobe by Picking One Expensive Piece

Not everyone has the budget to replace their entire wardrobe. However, pick one piece that is of high quality and can be worn with many of your outfits. One example is a nice blazer that you can wear with jeans, pants, a skirt or a dress. Have a wardrobe staple you can pair with other pieces of clothing, and you can easily use it for work or a fancy night out. Neutral colors like black, navy, gray or tan are often best.

5. Eliminate Old Outfits

When people fall into their daily routines, they’ll sometimes wear certain clothes simply because they’re convenient. This doesn’t necessarily mean they like those outfits — it just means they don’t have the time to pick something more suitable.

Take a few hours out of your next weekend to go through your wardrobe. Donate anything you don’t wear, or you’re not comfortable with. Next, put aside clothes that are outdated, old, and too worn out. Then make a list of the new clothes you need to replace. This doesn’t have to be an expensive project or an extensive one. You can even replace just one item per season. The goal is to slowly rotate out what’s old and replace it with something that better reflects you as you are now.

6. Update Your Hairstyle

If you have had the same hairstyle for ages, it may be time to trade your old look for a new one. Have fun going through magazines or browsing the internet to find the styles you like. Research is important because you’ll want to find a style that suits your face and your personality. Your hairstyle is an important part of your identity, so choose something that suits who you are. At the same time, you shouldn’t be afraid to try something different and possibly more daring. Talk to a hair stylist to see what style best flatters your face and your features.

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7. Don’t Forget the Accessories

Over the winter or on rainy days, you may not need a pair of sunglasses. But, as soon as the sun reemerges or you’re at the beach, you’ll want to protect your eyes with something stylish. Finding the right sunglasses isn’t always easy, but if you try different sunglasses to see what fits, you can find a pair that complements your face. Take a photo of yourself to determine the shape of your face. Some sunglasses fit better on square faces, oval faces, heart faces or round ones. Figure out the shape of your face, and then go shopping for a high-quality pair of sunglasses. Remember, it’s worth spending money on a good brand because if you care for them well, sunglasses can last for the rest of your life.

Sunglasses are only one type of accessory you can use to make changes to your style. Swapping out your iPhone 14 Pro case can make a huge difference. Investing in a new pair of earrings can also go a long way to giving you an updated look that expresses your personality.


Upgrading your style takes some thought and quite a bit of research. You’ll want to spend a good amount of time researching brands, figuring out your style and deciding what to discard from your wardrobe. These are not easy choices. However, if you take your time deciding what you like and what suits you, you’ll do a great job of upgrading your style.

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