Growing For The Future: Using Social Media Marketing

Social media

Is social media marketing here to stay? Yes and no. We live in an attention economy where people who can garner the most attention on social media are paid the most. Yet, we also live in a world where the social media companies are becoming exceptionally brilliant at keeping businesses down. Why would a social media platform allow a commercial enterprise to rise to power on social media, when they can throttle their progress and sell them social media advertising for hundreds of thousands of dollars per year? You need to grow your business and your influence on social media but be aware that any hint of marketing message will always hold you back (by the platform’s design).

Getting On There is Not Good Enough

By the stars and flames in heaven, do “NOT” believe the lie that being on social media and posting is in some way a positive. The “LIE” that is commonly spread is that posting anything on social media is fine because the older your account is, the more credibility the social media platforms give you. The idea is that when you start to gather a following and more influence, then you delete your old spammy posts and start creating more and more quality posts as your influence improves.

This is a beautiful sounding lie (most successful lies seem to make logical sense). There are social media accounts from big brands that are sitting at around 2000 followers despite having two hundred posts. Being “On” social media and having an aged account is not a determining factor in your success. This is not the old days of website SEO (Search Engine Optimization), where the older websites were given precedence over younger websites.

Building a Trustworthy Brand

Sharing information on your chosen social media platform isn’t enough to build a reliable brand that is deemed to be trustworthy by your target audience. You need to cement yourself in your chosen industry and find ways to build trust between you and your social media followers. There are so many businesses who use social media to promote their brand, so how do you stand out in a saturated market? One lucrative method used by many online creators and brand owners, is to make your content as clear and succinct as possible. This could involve using short, snappy video content, or even using a YouTube link shortener to make your URLs more legible. These small finishing touches will help your brand to stand out online, be easier to connect with and be viewed as more trustworthy altogether.

Why Doesn’t The “Old Account” Idea Work

It does sound plausible that you could post any old nonsense for a year, and slowly improve your content (its budget, its quality, its relevance, its originality) as your audience grows. Plus, you hear a lot of people talking about how they create 20 posts per day and make millions per week, so why wouldn’t this method work? 

The social media networks have more producers than they need, and they all work for free. They have an abundance of content. The more times your content fails to resonate with people, the lower down the list your account falls. The less likely they are to promote your content in the future. After a year, your old account may have 200 posts, but thanks to the low impact they have had on users, none of them will be recommended or promoted by the platform. They will not appear on searches on the platform or on searches on Google. 

How Does One Grow Quickly?

The problem most people have was hinted upon earlier in this article. There are companies out there with social media accounts that are simply not getting attention from the social media platforms. People are just not looking at their content. Account holders, and especially businesses, are not keen on building fan base over several years. So, here are a few things you can do to speed up the process.

The Best And Fastest Way to Grow an “Organic” Audience

Start by paying for promotion on the social media platform. It is expensive and frustrating, but it is going to get the ball rolling. Then go to a website like “GoViral.ai” and buy some views and likes from real viewers (not bots). Spend a few weeks or months doing this, while making sure to post high quality content that is highly relevant to your target consumer. After you have a little momentum (a growing number of followers, no matter how slow the growth), you then go over to Fameswap to buy a large portion of influence.

Buy social media accounts from people who have similar followers and subscribers to the ones you desire. You then promote your main social media accounts to this new crowd of potential customers. You can mirror your content on their channels (adding a mention or link to your primary accounts) or offer previews of your content on their channels. Then, keep producing top quality content, and notice how your new content starts to do better. 

Your new content will start doing a lot better because the social media platforms have started actively promoting/recommending your content to other people. By this point, all forms of directed attention have been flung at your primary social media account. The paid marketing attention (on the social media platform), the active user attention (GoViral.ai) and the target group attention (FameSwap). After a few months using this strategy, you will finally start seeing some organic traction on your primary social media account. After that point, it is up to you to make the most of that traction and build some momentum.

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