5 Methods to Bolster Your Social Media Presence

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

More and more creators have begun using social media platforms—Instagram in particular—to market and sell their merchandise, and people now trust their favorite accounts for inspiration and new products. New features now allow creators to tag products from the brands they work with or use Instagram Shops if they have their own product line. Here are some further essential tips to bolster your digital strategy.

1. Think visually

Instagram is primarily an image-driven platform, so it’s best to leverage your posts and stories off stunning, high-quality imagery—be it photography or video. Use free sites such as Mojo-app.com to download or create your own templates for each post and story. For maximum likes and many followers, your content must be of excellent quality, achievable via templates organised into categories such as storytelling, cinema, and fashion.

These highly customisable templates are ideal for amalgamating text and media to transform your content into striking and engaging narratives. Add frames and subtle fades to evoke a film feeling, stir up the atmosphere of visuals to create an off-beat effect, or share news beautified with stylish, elegant template elements.

2. Be consistent

Aim to get your post viral by developing a digital strategy based on consistency. A thoughtfully chosen or self-made template that matches your brand look and feel can help a simple post go viral like wildfire.

Because stories are short-lived, it helps to step up from a story to a post using the same template for an immediately recognizable expansion providing more detail and giving your followers a better understanding of your message. Combine Instagram stories with feed posts for maximum impact and reach.

3. Use color carefully

Create memorable stories and posts by choosing colors in your template designs that match your brand. Text, for example, added to stories can match the font of your brand name, while borders, frames, and other shades of color should correspond with those of your logo. Consider too how the color palette of the photo or video you’ve chosen for your post matches that of the caption text as well as your logo.

4. Interact with your followers

It really pays to interact with followers, particularly those who watch your stories all the way through, or comment on your posts. Follow your fans back, comment on their posts, watch their stories, and generally engage with as many of your followers as you can.

5. Be creative

Experiment with creative and unique responses to follower comments and likes, paying special attention to those who comment on and interact with your stories regularly and ask them whether they might like to become ambassadors of your brand.

Select a beautiful design template tailored just for a particular follower, investigate whether you might expand your reach by reciprocally representing their brand, send DMs thanking followers for their commitment, or even create an original video just for them. Generally, the more creative you are in your interactions, the stronger your presence online will be.

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