Real Reasons Why Students Should Buy Used Textbooks


Textbooks are often the most overlooked expense when creating a college budget. Yet, at the same time, buying books is critical for your academic performance as you will need the material to study for tests and work on assignments.

Unfortunately, most students are priced out of getting the books they need to succeed in college. This is where buying used books becomes critical. According to experts, purchasing old books saves students money and allows them to benefit from convenience and notes. Here are some reasons why you should prioritize getting used books for college:

Access to Rare Copies

Another benefit of buying used books is finding fantastic textbooks that are no longer circulated. There may be copies containing valuable information that stopped being printed, which could be crucial to your academic success. When you have such books in your collection, you will not only benefit in terms of pride but will have immense access to knowledge. Since the books are no longer being produced, buying used copies is the only way to find them. If you cannot find a book needed for an assignment, consider paying custom essay writers online. 

Lower Prices

There is no denying that used books are relatively cheap compared to brand-new ones. Not only are used books more affordable, but they are also easier to buy and resell. According to evidence, one of the main reasons college students struggle with their studies is the prohibitive cost of books. Tuition, accommodation, and food expenses have already gone through the roof. If you introduce the cost of books into this mix, some students will be priced out of valuable college education.

When the budget for buying textbooks seems overwhelming, some students avoid getting the necessary study materials, with severe consequences. Not having the resources you need can diminish your academic performance and impede you from completing your assignments and class readings on time.

The excellent news is that you can get all the books needed for academic success at half the cost or less. The price of purchasing a used book is often around 50% or less compared to the cost of a brand-new one. The heavily used materials cost even less and will give you the same value as new ones. So, don’t let the cost of new books hinder your academic success when you can get similar used copies at a fraction of the cost.

Lower Depreciation on Purchase

One of the main problems students struggle with when they buy textbooks is the speed with which their purchases lose value. When you leave the bookstore with your purchase, the textbook loses value considerably, and the resale value dips. Unless you intend to keep the book for whatever reason, reselling the book makes perfect sense.

Ordering a second-hand book prevents you from experiencing considerable depreciation on your purchase. In other words, buying used books is not just the cheaper alternative. It is also the more innovative option.

Is Environmentally Friendly

Global warming has been an issue for decades, and students are urged to play their part in helping reduce carbon emissions. While buying used books may not significantly impact a global scale of things, it is your unique way to play a role in environmental conservation. Ordering second-hand books reduces the demand for additional printing, helping companies lower their carbon footprint.

You Benefit From Free Notes

One of the best things about buying used books is that you can benefit from the notes made by previous owners. Most people jot down quick notes as they study and research. These notes contain useful information that can assist you in understanding concepts. Buying used books allows you to access the information for free, supporting your study and highlighting issues with deeper analysis. Furthermore, older and more heavily highlighted books with tons of notes also tend to be relatively cheaper. 

You Can Resell the Books


Other than making considerable savings when you buy second-hand books, there is an additional financial benefit. Students who order used books can sell back the books after completing the course. This allows you to get some of your money back. You will not have lost much since the value lost by used books at resale is minimal.

Buying used books saves you money as they tend to be cheaper than new copies. Also, students using such books benefit from notes left by previous owners and sell the resources when done with the course. Most importantly, buying used books is good for the environment.

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