Would you know how to fix your car if you didn’t have access to a mechanic?

Have you ever thought about what you would do if your car stopped in the middle of a ride? Would you look at a possible malfunction and try to fix it yourself, or would you call for help immediately? According to ComparetheMarket data, less than 50% of Americans would even attempt to determine a vehicle failure, even if it may be just some minor malfunction that they might be able to fix themselves. 

How much money could you save in the long run, if driver’s test included learning simple repairs to a vehicle in addition to learning how to drive.

What are some simple repairs you should learn how to fix yourself?

1. Tires

Changing a tire is one of the basic things you should know before you start driving. For tools, you will need a car jack to lift the vehicle and a wrench to loosen the bolts.

2) Light bulbs

You should always have a set of spare headlight bulbs in the vehicle. Replacing them, in most cases is only a little more complicated than replacing a light bulb in the house.

3) Windshield wipers

It’s very easy to tell when your windshield wipers are no longer working well, and due to the UV rays from the sun they can quickly deteriorate. A good rule of thumb is to never buy the cheapest windshield wipers, because you will have to replace them quite regularly. The replacing process of wipers is simple and easy for one person to do – just follow the instructions on the package.

4. The battery

If the car will not start, one of the most common reasons is the battery. Replacing can be simple, all you need to do is unplug the old one and connect the new one according to the positive and negative charge.

5. Small dents and scratches

You can repair small dents and scratches yourself with various kits. Another alternative for dents in the front or back of your car is to use boiling water on the affected area and pushing it out with your hand or suction device.

6. Oil and air filter

Every year we should change the air and oil filters. Although it is a simple job, the mechanic can charge a lot of money for it.

7. Blurred headlights

Instead of buying new headlights, A simple fix you can try is polishing your blurry headlights with a cloth and toothpaste.

8. Oil change

Changing your oil regularly will extend the life of your vehicle and prevent major breakdowns. You can purchase your car oil at any car shop and the instructions to remove and replace are easy to follow from any youtube video.

9. Belt

If you start to hear a high pitched squealing sound from the bonnet of your car, your fan belt might have become loose and isn’t working properly. When purchasing your new fan belt, you’ll need to know the make, model and year of your car before you purchase.

10. Jump start cables

Dead or weak battery? Jump starting a vehicle is easy. The safest way to drive around is if you carry a sweater cable with you. This way you have a higher chance of getting help or helping another motorist in need.

How do you learn simple car repairs? 

With the advancement of technology, there are many video tutorials on the Internet today that show you step-by-step how to fix your car yourself. You can also ask a friend or family member who has experience with cars. The only thing you need is a little bit of time, and you can save a lot of money by not going to a mechanic. There are also free or paid online seminars where you can learn a lot about car maintenance and repair. 

It’s always good to think about roadside assistance as well. Some insurance companies offer it as part of their insurance policy. Roadside assistance plans give you access to emergency help for things like apartment tires, dead batteries, fuel delivery, towing, winching and more, depending on the plan. If you do not have a contracted roadside assistance plan and you have a breakdown that you can not fix yourself, you could be paying a lot of money for help. Even if you cannot fix the breakdown yourself, it is very good to know what the breakdown is to avoid being scammed. Unfortunately, there are many masters who will skin you if they see that you do not know what’s going on with your car, and your simple glitch will turn into something much bigger.

Of course, you do not have to become a mechanic to drive a car, but everyone should know the basics of how the car works and how to fix a small problem to save not only money, but also the time you would spend waiting for help. And it’s when we are in a hurry somewhere that something is most likely to happen, such as a flat tire. It’s always better to think ahead than to regret it later.

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