How to Treat a Head Lice Infestation

With an active infection, urgent treatment and examination of all family members are required, all these actions will be most conveniently carried out at the nearest pediculosis treatment center to you. Each infected person and those who share a bed with him should be treated at the same time.

One popular treatment is the use of drugs that kill lice eggs. When using this type of drug with a weak effect, re-treatment is necessary. And the secondary use of drugs with a strong effect is only necessary if live lice are still in the head a few days after treatment. For the greatest effect from re-treatment, it is necessary to wait for all the eggs to hatch, but it is necessary to have time to carry out the procedure before the appearance of new deposits.

When getting rid of head lice, you can use drug treatment along with various other procedures. This will require the use of over-the-counter or prescription drugs, which you can get from your local doctor, and the internet can help you find one. Just type in the search bar “lice removal near me“.

Use of over-the-counter drugs. One of the real working drugs is pyrethrin, made based on chrysanthemum flowers, we do not recommend using it if you are allergic to this flower or ragweed. But if there is no allergy, then the drug itself is safe and effective when used correctly. It can also treat children from 2 years and older. Pyrethrin only kills live lice, and does not affect hatched eggs. After the first application, 9-10 days must pass for the reuse of pyrethrins. If you are bothered by lice after a full course of treatment, then contact the nearest hospital, most likely your remedies are not working.

As for prescription drugs, you can ask your doctor or the nearest hospital about them, they will select the most suitable and effective treatment for you. If you are in Detroit, MI, or Kansas City, MO, you can easily find your nearest hospital online or using a navigator.

The process of getting rid of lice consists of:

1) Before applying the lice medication, we advise you to remove all clothing that you do not want to get dirty or wet during treatment.

2) Carefully follow the instructions on the package. Pay attention to how long you need to keep the medicine on your head and how to wash it off afterward.

3) Do not use a combination of conventional conditioners before using the drug. And after treatment, you can not wash your hair for 1-2 days.

4) After 8-12 hours, the lice should die, if this did not happen, then there is a possibility that the medicine needs more time to kill all the parasites. At this point, you will need to comb out all dead and live lice with a fine-toothed comb.

But if you find not dead lice, but active ones, as before, then most likely the medicine does not work. Then you need to go to the nearest hospital to prescribe a new medicine.

5) You can comb the lice out of the hair shaft with a comb. Check your hair and comb it every 2-3 days to reduce the chance of re-infection. These actions should be carried out within 2-3 weeks.

6) Re-treatment is necessary if there are surviving lice and they have not yet laid eggs. Also, some drugs must be used twice in 7-9 days after the first treatment.

For complete security, you can take additional measures:

1) Wash and dry clothes, bedding, and other items that an infected person has come into contact with two days before starting treatment. All this must be done in hot water (from 130°F) and a high-temperature drying cycle. If these things cannot be washed, then there are two solutions: you can take the clothes to the dry cleaner or pack them in a plastic bag for 2 weeks.

2) Rinse and soak combs in hot water.

3) Thoroughly vacuum the floor and furniture where the infected person was. Of course, the risk of becoming infected in this way is small, since the lice will not live without a person for more than a week, because they will have nothing to eat and they will not be able to lay eggs if the temperature is lower on the person’s head. But it’s better to rule out any possibility.

In the process of treatment, do not use a large number of different drugs for pediculosis, unless your doctor has recommended this to you. Lice control products are insecticides and can be dangerous if misused or overused.

Such drugs must be used carefully and avoid contact with the eyes. If this happens, wash the medicine from your eyes immediately.

You should not treat an infested person more than 2-3 times with the same medicine, if it does not give the desired effect, most probably it does not work. This may be due to misuse of medications or drug resistance. Always seek advice from your doctor or the nearest hospital. They will help you and recommend another medicine that can cure you.

We recommend you wash all lice and nits from your hair down the sink instead of a shower or bath to reduce the chance of skin contact and use warm water rather than hot water to minimize absorption. You can seek treatment in any city, including Houston, TX, Philadelphia, PA, or Raleigh, NC.

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