5 Biggest Breakthroughs in Vehicle Technology for 2022

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The automotive industry has undergone tremendous changes over the past year. The pandemic caused the market to falter, as more people were working from home or lacked the money to purchase a new vehicle. The market is currently growing by 3.6% a year, which is a rate that it will sustain through 2030.

As the market starts to recover, vehicle manufacturers are releasing a lot of new technology. It is important to be aware of the different technological trends shaping the automotive sector in 2022. Here are some of the biggest changes to be aware of. If you would like to buy a new vehicle with this breaking technology, you can get cash for junk cars in Austin to purchase them. 

Fully autonomous vehicles are closer than ever

We first heard about the possibility of autonomous vehicles back in the 1980s. Carnegie Mellon University, Mercedes Benz and a couple other major universities partnered to make the first fully autonomous cars. Unfortunately, despite the fact that they have been around for a long time, autonomous vehicles have only started to become available to regular customers over the last few years. Google and other major tech companies are finally bringing them to market.

New operating systems that will sync the car to smartphones

Mobile technology and automotive technology are becoming more synchronized than ever. More drivers are using their smartphones to help navigate to their destinations, find the best prices on gas, identify road hazards, check the weather patterns and deal with other challenges on the road.

In the past, the only option was to connect your smartphone to a Bluetooth device. However, new vehicles are being equipped with mobile operating systems that can easily sync with the phone. Google has come up with the Android automotive OS. It will initially be limited to a specific electric vehicle, but will eventually be open to all of them.

Semi-autonomous driving capabilities

Autonomous vehicles are the future of cars. However, there are still too many kinks to work out before enough people feel confident buying one.

The good news is that there is an intermediary technology that will help people before they want to buy a fully automated car. Cars like the Ford BlueCruise can take over driving at times, so you can take your hands off the wheel and your foot off the accelerator. However, you were still need to pay attention and be ready to resume control of the vehicle if it seems like the automated algorithms are faltering. It is a good middle ground for people that are tired of having to continually control their vehicle and those that are too nervous to try one that is fully automated.

Get vehicle statuses through voice control

Voice control technology has become very important in recent years. It is changing the nature of the automotive sector in particular. New syncing capabilities enable drivers to ask for important updates, such as battery power, vehicle range, oil temperature, tire pressure and other important factors. This is going to make vehicle maintenance a lot easier.

Color changing vehicles

Some of the changes in vehicle technology are downright remarkable. New cloud-based software has even made it possible to change the actual appearance of an entire cars, such as changing their color. Cerence is one of the software applications that has made this possible.

Many new technological changes are shaping the future of the automotive industry

New technology is leading to massive changes in the automotive sector.  Consumers need to be aware of the developments in technology if they are interested in purchasing a new car. The trends listed above are some of the biggest ones impacting the market.

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