2022 Trends in Electronic Design

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Entering 2022, it is interesting to know about new tendencies in the field of electronics design.

Here are some of them.

Augmented and Virtual realities (AR/VR)  have great potential in such spheres as education, healthcare, entertainment, and the gaming industry. The latest AR/VR devices can have higher resolution and faster frame rates characteristics. They are definitely not just for gamers. New drones may also have AR/VR to supervise them. Manufacturers of VR devices have immense prospects because the prices, as well as demand, are high.

The automotive industry will be in the spotlight, as always.  Automation, self-driving cars, using sensors and cameras will be in the headlines.  Artificial intelligence (AI)  and machine learning (ML) will be increasingly used in this area along with the broad implementation of voice systems. 

The Internet of Things (IoT) has remained a trend since 2014. Manufacturers of home appliances produce more and more devices with IoT to allow customers convenient and easy usage. No one is surprised by smart home devices now as they have come into our everyday life and become essential. People can control their cookers, vacuum cleaners,  refrigerators, washing machines from any place through their smartphones. There are special appliances to manage heating and cooling systems of the house remotely.  The usage of such technologies is increasing day after day.

The pandemic of COVID-19 has speeded up tremendous growth in the healthcare devices industry. Medical applications and healthcare gadgets allow patients, especially elderly ones, to check their health parameters at home, store and provide data analytics for relatives and doctors. It is very important in case of emergency and can definitely save someone’s life. 

Such healthcare solutions as telemedicine and digital health are also in demand, largely due to the pandemic situation.

Different human body implants are in constant need of control and manufacturers create various systems, devices, and methods for monitoring and managing them.

3D printing and robotics will grab our attention in 2022. 

3D printing went through a  difficult period in 2020 due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and 2021 was a year of recovery for this industry.

Claimed to be eco-friendly, the 3D printing industry started using recyclable and reusable polymer materials.  This trend will continue to grow in 2022.

Ceramic 3D printing is tending to be in the focus of interests of different industries including aerospace, chemical, and medical engineering. It has been used mostly for printing prototypes, and now there is a demand to use it for ceramic equipment and investment casting.

Robotics development is connected with AI, machine vision, and machine learning. By mixing these capabilities, the robotics industry receives a powerful impulse for growth.

Robotic warehouse logistics, vision-based drones, robotic harvesting, and sorting provide real value in new areas.  Robotic partners for the elderly and handicapped would probably raise care to a new outstanding height.

A multitude of trends have spanned the entire spectrum of technologies, especially in sectors connected with the smart home, automotive, and portable devices. With technology set to reach new levels soon,  we can expect interesting novelties in the electronics design industry.

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