Ways To Lead In The Digital Church During The Coronavirus Epidemic

Image by ddzphoto from Pixabay

Believe it or not, digital is the new default church, especially during the time of the coronavirus pandemic.

The world has changed a lot in the last three months, and will likely continue to change till we don’t know when.

As a result, more and more people are returning to the internet to seek solace,  find an escape, and get peace of mind. More than ever, digital has become real.

Churches that questioned the digital space once have gone all digital, just to attend and soothe their attendees. And as a result, church leaders are facing difficulties to lead in such an environment. That’s precisely why we are here to help.

In this article, we will share some ways leaders should adopt to navigate the pandemic and lead the digital church.

Decide For The Present, Not For The Future 

A lot of people, including some leaders, believe that the idea of the traditional church is over and that the digital church is the new normal.

That’s not true! We can’t make assumptions on our own.

Do we know when things will go back to normal? Or will they ever go back to normal? If they don’t, can we predict the new normal? Clearly not. 

We certainly don’t know what the future holds for us. So, there’s no point in thinking what’s going to happen on the other side.

What you must focus on is, deciding for the present, now; not for the future or forever.

With the situation unfolding in ways we can’t imagine, change is the only thing that is constant. So, focus on serving people today, the results will follow.

Always Remember Your Mission Is Bigger Than The Method

Of course, it’s true that the churches that once held large gatherings of parishioners and worshipers can no longer enjoy the audience because of the outbreak. 

But does this mean an apocalypse is near? No.

Nothing lasts forever. This is temporary, but your mission should be eternal.

Methods will keep changing; they will evolve with situations, so make sure you keep your values and morals as relevant as ever. 

Digitization Is Moving So Fast That Being Innovative Is The Only Solution

Since you can’t do what you used to, i.e., hold services in the church or host church events, it’s time to focus on the possibilities.

To lead the digital church, you must be present where the worshipers are. That said, it is essential to adopt an omnichannel presence.

Start a podcast; make YouTube videos; host live prayers on Instagram/ Snapchat/ Facebook and virtual conferences; write blogs. Do everything that you can to help the followers.

Real And Polished Beats Will Always Get An Audience

So, what you have to live stream from your empty auditorium or church? 

If your message has real and polished beats, it will always get an audience. 

That said, if you haven’t already, call professionals for the church sound system installation

You don’t have to spend a fortune to make a difference; the best audio visual companies will hook you up with the right sound system for your church.

Make use of the latest technology to enhance the digital experience of regular churchgoers who can’t come together because of the situation.

Reach More People Through Your People

You don’t go to the church; you are the church. This adage got a second life when people stopped going to the church or any public place due to the coronavirus scare.

So what if people can’t come to the church and pray? The church can definitely go to them. 

Use the power of digital media to your advantage. Spread hope and the message across various social media platforms. Encourage the church’s followers to spread it further. 

People are getting lonely day by day, and hope is what can save us.

Hope is what we have. Don’t take the digital church as an obstacle; instead, take it as an opportunity to reach out to people and calm them.

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